Oglee Poglee Pre-filled Craft Party Bags Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

With my youngest daughter about to celebrate her seventh birthday and beginning the party planning, she has been excitedly deciding what she would like to do and choosing her accessories. This year, she decided that she wanted to take her best friends for a ‘girlie meal’ at our local pizza restaurant, followed by a crafternoon and a movie in front of the TV.

The pizza part of the day was pretty simple  – a simple case of booking a table and she already knew that the movie of choice would be the My Little Pony Movie, so that only left the crafty part of the day to plan. With the best will in the world, I am not a natural when it comes to planning activities for groups of seven-year-olds; I struggle with knowing what to buy, how much and how to set up and structure things to make them fun but still organised. I only had an hour or so to fill, so didn’t want to start mixing paints, dealing with splotches on the carpet or spoiling party clothes belonging to other children.

So, my daughter and I were really rather pleased when we were asked to try out some of Oglee Poglee’s pre-filled crafty party bags. Oglee Poglee sell a range of themed crafty party bags, which are fabulous to either give as a party bag gift at the end of a birthday party, or to use as we did during a birthday party.

My daughter really enjoyed helping me to choose the themes of her party bags from the Oglee Poglee website – there are lots on there to cater for all interests; girls’ bags, boys’ bags, bags for older kids and more general bags that would suit pretty much any child. We chose our party bags individually for my daughter’s friends, so we ended up with eight different themes, including:

My daughter was coming home from school every day, asking if the postman had brought her party bags, so was beside herself when they did arrive. I have to say that they look absolutely gorgeous – the bags are actually lovely cardboard pouches stuffed full of crafty items pertaining to their theme. They have an incredibly high-quality feel to them, and if we had been giving them out as little party bags, I think her friends would have been over the moon with them. It almost felt like a shame to be opening them up to use, but needs must and I knew the kids would love them!

The party bags contain a mixture of sticky-backed foam shapes, brightly coloured card shapes, pompoms, lollipop sticks, glitter, sequins, foil shapes, as well as little folded cards, coloured bits of paper, and more. They are available either on their own, or with either a glue stick or pot of PVA for a small extra cost. My eldest daughter (aged 9) was one of the crafters at the party, and had chosen the Emoji bag for herself, which is perfect for older kids.

Whilst we had chosen a specific bag for each child, it really wasn’t long before the kids were swapping their treasures between themselves – I kept hearing bartering little voices offering to swap a cupcake for a unicorn or a fox for a pink pompom and a sparkly love heart!

It really was lovely to see the children interacting with one another, helping each other and working together. Between them, they made some mini thank you cards, puppets on lollipop sticks and some quite stunning little themed scenes. It was great to have a slightly open-ended activity for the end of the party whilst we were waiting for parents to come and pick the children up too, as the kids were kept perfectly entertained up until the very last minute. I provided each child with a little sandwich bag at the end once it was time for them to go, so they could seal their creations and remaining craft items for safekeeping for the journey home.

The Oglee Poglee pre-filled party bags are £4 each for the bags, although we opted for some with a glue stick (£4.80) and PVA pot and spreader (£5.50) and I think they are great value. By the time I have finished buying plastic tat for a traditional party bag, I would imagine I could easily spend £4 each and these provide an awful lot more fun and longevity. They also make a brilliant activity for a party, as we used them for, and I think they would also be a brilliant way to fill a rainy day during the school holidays or a great idea for a non-edible Easter gift.

I wouldn’t hesitate to rate these party bags at 5/5. They really are a super quality, beautiful item and the kids loved them. We got well over an hour of crafting out of them at the party and all the kids had bits left to take home with them. Most importantly, they were all rightly proud of what they created, and they had a thoroughly wonderful time doing it.

Rating: 5/5

Price from £4

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