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Oggs Bites Review


Reviewed by Caroline S

Egg-free bakery OGGS has produced a new range of tasty cake bites and I didn’t have to be asked twice to try these delicious-looking treats.

OGGS was started with the aim of producing cruelty-free cakes without compromising on taste, and their products are now widely stocked in UK supermarkets. The new range of Brownie Bites and Millionaire Bites are vegan-friendly, come in recycled and recyclable packaging and are also incredibly tasty.

Each pack contains nine bites. The outer packaging is eye-catching and informative with a nice clear picture of the product. The bites are held in a tray which is made of recycled plastic, which can be recycled with other household plastics but is also formulated to break down more quickly if sent to landfill. The outer wrap can be recycled in an increasing number of areas.

My daughter is keen on environmental and animal welfare issues, and was particularly keen to try these bites, so we didn’t take long to open them up and have an afternoon treat. We of course had to give both varieties a fair try and couldn’t resist going back for a couple of each to be sure of our verdict!

First the chocolate brownie bites. These are as squidgy and fudgy as you could hope for, and very chocolatey, with chocolate chips studded on the top for extra texture. These were my favourite, and in my opinion perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea. Each square has 58kcal and the dark chocolate and dense cakiness means that they are very satisfying.

Secondly, millionaire bites with a crushed biscuit base, caramel layer and dark chocolate flavoured topping. These were my daughter’s preferred option and she loved the balance of the layers which had just the right amount of caramel to be sweet but not cloying. There are 66kcal in each of these bites, so again perfect if you just want a little nibble with a drink.

Packs are priced at £2.25 which may be a little pricier than some other bakery items, but which I think is worth paying for a more specialty product from a small company with great green credentials. They are available now in the bakery aisle of Sainsburys supermarkets and on the Vegan Kind website.

Both bites were absolutely gorgeous and if I hadn’t known they were vegan I would never have guessed. I have tried vegan bakes in the past and sometimes found them to be a bit dry or have an odd texture, but these are neither.

They would be brilliant as part of a picnic or party spread to ensure that vegan guests won’t miss out on the goodies. I’m also planning to pack some in my bag on our next day out for when we need a little something to keep us going to the next meal.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £2.25

This product can be purchased from Sainsburys supermarkets or at The Vegan Kind here.

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