Off To University? Make Sure You Study Your Choices

You did all the hard work raising them, sending them to a good school and now they have the grades to go to university. Your soon to be adult may have chosen where to study and at which university already but where to stay whilst studying can be a difficult choice with so many options available and no experience of living outside of the family home. Here are some tips for helping your young adult make the most out of their university days.

It used to be that students lived in traditional halls of residence but with an increase in the student population as well as the options for studying there are many more housing options available to the modern student. Here is a brief review of them all.

University halls

The benefits of halls are obvious; close to the university, sociable and managed they provide a cost-effective choice. Universities have invested a lot of money in the design and facilities available within halls of residence to entice students away from the private renting sector. Most rooms now come with their own private student bathroom pods so there’s no more sharing bathrooms as well as wifi friendly hangouts and social areas with modern fixtures and fittings.

They can be a hassle-free option too as there is no need to deal with landlords and rental agreements so it leaves more time and mental space for studies.

Private accommodation

If the idea of being at the centre of the student scene doesn’t appeal, you are late with your university application or you want to share with friends then private accommodation could be a great option.

Finding a rented property also gives you the chance to choose exactly where you live and not be restricted by the placement of halls. You could choose to live near a great park, nearer work if you are going to work as well as study or close to public transport if you intend to travel home at weekends. You do need to find a student-friendly landlord but most universities will have an approved list. Private accommodation does come with the burden of extra paper work and you will need to know your tenant’s rights before you move in. However, renting privately is a step closer to true independence.

Living at home

Moving home doesn’t suit every student and living at home whilst you study does have the benefits of saving money and keeping you close to your friends and family in a familiar environment. It can affect how you make friends with our students on your course however and you can miss some of the experience of leaving home for the first time to study. Going to university is a defining moment for many young adults as it is a chance to be independent and make personal life choices. Living at home may stop this happening as they fall into familiar patterns. That said the money you save could be used to save for a house move once you have completed your degree and have your first job.


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