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New Phone, Who Dis? Board Game Review


Reviewed by Emma Brailsford

Being a lover of board games and a frequent visitor to my local board game café, I was excited to play the new game from the inventors of ‘What Do You Meme’, ‘New Phone, Who Dis?’.  ‘New Phone, Who Dis?’ is a humorous card game for three or more players – I actually think the more players the better for this game as it allows for a greater number of funny responses.

The instructions suggest that there are two ways to play the game.  The ‘classic mode’ involves everyone being given seven reply cards.  The judge draws an inbox card from the pack and the aim of each round is to match a reply card so that the judge deems your combination to be their favourite.  The combination of inbox and reply card may be the judge’s favourite because perhaps it is the funniest or perhaps the most obscure – it is really up to the judge as to who receives the point!  The alternative way to play the game is described as ‘DIY mode’.  With this gameplay, everyone receives four inbox cards and four reply cards.  Each player has to create the funniest combination of cards and then the judge reads all the card messages aloud and chooses which player will receive the point.  One of the great things about this game is that you can play for as long or little time as you like/have – the winner is the person with the greatest number of points.

The age rating on the game box is 17+ and this is most definitely a game for adults due to the language and contexts given.  It would make a fantastic game for freshers to take to university as it would be perfect for groups to play seated around their kitchen table of their new halls of residence – alcohol optional of course!  Equally, ‘New Phone, Who Dis?’ would be fun to play as part of a game afternoon/night for a group of friends or a family with grown up children – just be warned, some of the cards are of a sexual nature.

The game comes packaged neatly in a box measuring 21.5cm x 11.5cm x 7cm.  There are 150 inbox cards and 300 reply cards.  Due to the number of cards, the game is quite heavy – it is not a game for your hand luggage when going on holiday or when going camping – but the high number of cards allow for multiple combinations of responses and therefore ‘New Phone, Who Dis?’ is a game which can be played on different occasions by the same people – an important thing to consider when spending money on a new game in my opinion.

Now, more than ever, the general population is spending many of their waking hours on their phone, so this game concept of creating text responses is a good one, and it would appeal to adults of all ages.  It certainly allowed for plenty of giggles and laugh out loud moments when I played it!

Rating: 5/5
RRP: £19.99
Age: 17 years +
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