Nairn’s Cereal Bar Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Between commuting to London on the train and packed lunches, we get through a lot of cereal bars in our house. As per usual we tend to stick to the same old brand, so I was really keen to try out the range from renowned Scottish brand Nairn’s, with flavours including fruit and chocolate, I thought they should suit everyone in the house.

When the package arrived, there was a great selection which included, Honey Crunchy Oat Bars, Raison, Apple & Cinnamon Crunchy Oat Bars, Belgian Chocolate Chunk Crunchy Oat Bars, Apple & Cinnamon Chunky Oat Biscuit Breaks, and the product I am more familiar with when it comes to the brand Nairn’s, savoury Oatcakes, but these were the so far untried by us, cheese version.

Nairn’s have been baking in Scotland since 1896 using the finest oats, with most coming from the nearby Scottish Borders, so I was pretty much assured a good quality product, but what about taste? Using natural ingredients and advertising 50% less sugar than other similar products I was looking forward to comparing these to my usual snack. With many brands I find them to be far to sweet and leave a sickly taste in my mouth, not what I want for breakfast, so I was very pleasantly surprised to find that whichever flavour I chose, they weren’t sweet in the slightest. Apple bars in particular, can taste very manufactured but with the addition of plenty of real apple & balanced with cinnamon, I really enjoyed both the two apple options. All varieties come prepacked in single serving packs, four packs in a box, with each pack containing 2 bars or 3 biscuits, just enough to stave off your hunger or satisfy that sweet craving. The bars & biscuits have a great snap to them and don’t crumble easily, perfect for when your child is eating them on the go, with the Belgian chocolate chunk variety going down a storm. Who doesn’t like a good chunk of quality chocolate!
For snack time or supper, we loved the Cheese Oatcakes, also coming prepacked into servings, this time with 5 oatcakes per pack, they were perfect for lunchboxes or picnics with a slab of cheese, or indoors with a lovely soft cheese topping. Delicious.

Nairn’s Bar & biscuit products are all Gluten free, high fibre, have no artificial colours, no hydrogenated fat and are certified by Coeliac UK. The oatcakes have the added bonus of being a source of protein and suitable for vegetarians, so there really is something for everyone. If you like the idea of Nairn’s oat based products but are not sure on the varieties mentioned, then rest assured they have a huge range of others, just check out their website to view;; from cereal to flatbreads and crisp alternatives to crackers, you will find something to suit your palate. As a family we all really enjoyed the snacks and oatcakes, and the cereal bars for sure will be joining my tried and trusted brand in the cupboard. Highly recommended for school lunches, holiday away days, travelling, picnics or just for a treat.

Rating: Highly recommended 5 out of 5

This product can be purchased from any good supermarket or direct from Nairn’s here.

RRP: from £1.69

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