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My Friend Peppa Pig PlayStation 4 Game Download Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

I am always on the lookout for gift ideas around Christmas time so I was pleased to be asked to review the My Friend Peppa Pig Playstation 4 game. Being not particularly tech savvy I don’t usually think of buying games in download format and in the past would have always thought of buying a game as going to a shop and picking up a copy on disc, so using the download option was new to me, but I was extremely impressed with the convenience of this option.

I asked my teenage daughter to help, but to be honest, when she showed me how simple it was to download the game, I would have been easily able to complete this on my own had I given it a go. All we had to do was enter the 10-digit code (editor’s note – the reviewer was given a code to download the game for review purposes)  and then wait for the download, which didn’t take long, perhaps about 20minutes, although I suspect this could have been quicker if we hadn’t been trying to download multiple games all at once!

The game is a one player game marketed as PEGI 3 years+ and is a simple concept where you can choose your character, designing the details such as what they are wearing, and this then becomes the players avatar during the game.

The game takes on a story book approach, whereby the players’ character, accompanied by Peppa Pig move through a story and at certain points there is the option to interact with the surroundings or other characters. Young players will love the familiarity of deciding what their favourite characters get up to in the story and the game definitely has the feel of an authentic episode of Peppa Pig, only each time the child plays, they will have a slightly different story, meaning they won’t get bored easily and prolonging the life span of the game.

During the game you will come across some Peppa Pig favourite characters such as Miss Rabbit, Mr Bull and of course Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and George on your travels. You will also get to visit a range of locations from Peppa’s house to the Museum and even Potato City.

Young players will love this game and it will definitely keep them entertained. The graphics on Peppa and Friends makes it look exactly like a typical episode and the characters all move and talk in a way that is in keeping with the cartoon.

I wouldn’t usually think of buying a computer game for a young child; however, this game feels more like an interactive cartoon. As with all things Peppa Pig, it is light-hearted, upbeat and completely non-threatening, so a great gift.
If like me, you are always running around for last minute presents, this would make a perfect addition and I am sure the children will get hours of fun from this. With the long winter days looming, it is perfect for breaking up a grey or wet afternoon, and it makes a nice change from just watching a DVD. Very young children may need a little help using the controller, although the perspective used and the small number of controls required makes it super simple, and even a 40-something mum could manage it in the end!

As the game is a download, it is perfect as a last minute purchase for Christmas due to the convenience and is a great stocking filler for your own children or even as a main gift for friends of family’s children.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Price: £34.99

You can buy My Friend Peppa Pig from the PlayStation Online store here.

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