Muddy Boots Burgers Review

Muddy Boots Burgers

Reviewed by David Savage

I recently received some handmade burgers from Muddy Boots and all I can say is that they are absolutely delicious.

I was sent handmade Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers  – Classic Recipe and Caramelised Onion & Mozzarella. There are 2 114g handmade burgers in each box which are individually vac packed to keep in the freshness and made from British beef. They are also gluten and wheat free with no additives or preservatives.

I couldn’t want to try them so I decided to oven cook them. While waiting for them to cook (about 20 minutes) I had a look at the box which listed the ingredients, storage instructions and on how to BBQ, oven cook or fry.

Once the burgers were ready, I had cooked one of each recipe, I was ready to taste. The beef is very juicy and succulent with a great flavour (classic recipe) and the cheese (caramelised onion & mozzarella) was superb with a subtle taste of onion. Now I don’t like onions but really enjoyed these burgers.

Overall, these are great tasting burgers and you can really taste the difference between these and frozen burgers. The quality is excellent. While rather expensive at around £3 for 2 they are definitely worth the money and they are all handmade. I will certainly be looking out for them in my local supermarket. Especially the classic recipe as this was my favourite.

Highly recommended.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Waitrose, Ocado and Budgens.

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