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Mockingbird Spirit Review


Reviewed by Amy Whitehead

A tequila inspired Agave drink, made from the same plant tequila is derived, with added health benefits and no hangover? It sound too good to be true! I know I had to try it as hangovers in your thirties were far more severe now than 10 years back!

The parcel arrived really quickly and in a ‘Mockingbird’ branded fully recyclable cardboard box, really sturdy and safe. Inside was a cardboard holder holding the bottle in place and a label on the neck to tell you a bit more about the drink. It’s great for a company to support sustainable packaging and doing their bit for the environment. The bottle was in perfect condition on arrival and fully recyclable being glass.

On the cardboard information label on the bottle, it says its “Tequila inspired, Agave-based, non-alcoholic spirit. Functional, versatile, authentic, vegan and gluten free”. The logo is really simple but effective: a silhouette of a mockingbird in a rectangle and “Mockingbird” printed underneath. Easily recognisable. They also include a recipe for how to make a Mockingbird Margarita which is a great touch if you’re in a rush to crack it open!

The 70cl glass bottle is great shape and wouldn’t look out of place with any another upmarket alcoholic spirit.  The labelling and matching logo and bottle top being a pleasing copper colour that compliments the colour of the drink itself, which is a light brownish orange colour and almost transparent. On the label is all the usual ingredients and nutritional information, as well as the company’s information. Mockingbird Spirit Ltd are based in Bristol and also manufacture and supply a non-alcoholic beer called Esmeralda Cerveza which is 0.5%, definately one to try after this bottle has gone (which won’t be too long in my house).

Mockingbird Spirit is made from dissilates and extracts from the Blue Weber Agave plant in Mexico. That’s what gives it that true and unique tequila taste as the alcoholic version is made from the same plant. It also features something called Ashwagandha, which I’ve never heard of until getting this, which is an adaptogen that benefits mental and physical well being by making you feel less stressed and bring balance and harmony to your mind. Sounds amazing right? So not only you can enjoy tequila in your cocktails or with the traditional salt and lime without the hangover, you also feel less stressed and overall brilliant afterwards! I couldn’t wait to try it.

I tried it neat first, just simply in a glass with ice. The smell was exactly like tequila but maybe a bit more of a lemony tinge to it. When you drink it though, you get none of the acidic shock at the back of your throat, but just a nice warming taste that leaves you wanting more. The drink also contains cinnamon and Habenero chilli which gives that warm feeling at the end. Not too strong, just the right amount. It also tastes of hints of vanilla and lemon, vanilla being the stronger flavour that came through. I tried it with some lemonade and it was really refreshing and zingy. I haven’t tried it in any cocktails yet but I will do when we host our next BBQ or cosy night in with friends (or maybe ‘just because’).

Once open, the drink lasts for 3 months. You only need a small amount to enjoy the taste of it too, just like if you were having a single or a double of real alcohol. But the best thing about this has to be that it’s non-alcoholic and super tasty at the same time. It’s a great alternative to have in your cocktail cupboard to enjoy any time without the worry of the migraine the next morning. It’s versatile, lasts a long time but also gives you added health benefits that they’ve added in to give you that extra feel good feeling. The 70cl bottle’s RRP is £22.99 which some may think is a little pricey, however it is a premium product and a lot of time and care has been taken to ensure the best quality product has been created and enjoyed.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £22.99

You can buy Mockingbird Spirit directly from their website, link is here. You can also purchase from Amazon and many alcohol supplier sites.

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