Milton Jones Is Out There at the Theatre Royal, St. Helens Review

22 February 2018

Reviewed by Jan Mellor

I’ve seen Milton Jones on the TV programme ‘Mock the Week’, at the Edinburgh Fringe last year and watched him at The Lowry in Manchester – so yes, I suppose I am a great fan. Milton Jones has quick one-line ‘fun’ humour, that is clean, ‘wholesome’ and without a profanity or swear word at all. I took my 13-year old son with me to see Milton last night as I knew he would love him, and he did.

The show that he did was pretty much what I had seen at the Fringe last August, but I laughed so much then that I missed a lot of his jokes, so it was a joy to see and hear him again. Milton has the very ironic way of introducing his own warm-up act; Chris Stokes. Milton starts the show with a 10-minute slot to ‘warm up’ the audience-entering the stage dressed as Great Britain – which is so entertaining that the audience were in fits of laughter instantly. It is difficult to review a comedian without giving away some gags but his spin on immoral and Balmoral, Britannia ‘Waves the Rules’ and ‘Wigan sadly’ were hilarious! After his warm up slot, Milton passes the stage to his ‘support’ Chris (again, another aspect of Milton’s methods that are unique) whose sketches on the country’s good manners and the people of the Black Country went down well.

After Chris there was a near 30-minute break that was in fairness too long and the audience commented on this. During this break songs played that had ‘Jones’ in the title and these lines had been dubbed with ‘Milton Jones’ which initially were amusing.

Following the promotion of Milton’s new book ‘A brief hysterical of time’ and t-shirts, Milton was back on stage in one of his famous ‘loud shirts’ and wacky hair. He then filled the next hour with complete ridiculous and hysterical one-liners that had the audience howling, shrilling and crying with laughter. Again, I don’t want to give too much away, but the ‘pooh sticks’, Easter-egg-hunt, ‘vegan’ and Fats Domino gags were stupendous. Milton showed us images on screen, had unusual props (telephone, country flags talking to each other, receptionist) but he owned the stage completely. He had some ‘difficult’ punters in the audience but he responded brilliantly and completely had control. He had a great mix of audience participation and his last line on stage was an absolute corker – you’ll have to see him to hear it!

I heard the audience as I left (in tears), “He was fab”, “That was so funny” “That was great!” and indeed, it was. Milton Jones is a comedian you must see. I can only say that I came away wanting more (but my ribs couldn’t take it).

Fantastic – Milton Jones is the finest comedian for years!

Rating: 5/5

Milton Jones is currently on tour around the UK, for more information and tour dates visit miltonjones.com.

For other shows at the Theatre Royal in St. Helens visit www.sthelenstheatreroyal.com or call the box office on 01744 756000.

St. Helens Theatre Royal, Corporation Street, St.Helens, Merseyside, WA10 1LQ

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