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We recently received a set of 3 Melissa & Doug Canvas Creations. We received Butterfly, Horses and Hummingbird styles.

Each Canvas Creation has a pre-printed image on canvas on an 8×10” frame and are supplied with 6 small tubes of paint, a brush and mixing tray, so has everything needed for your little artists to create a colourful masterpiece featuring an animal.

Once my young niece spotted these she couldn’t wait to get started and wanted to start with the horses. After showing her how to squirt small amount of the paint from the tube into the mixing tray and using the colour mixing guide supplied to show what colours to combine to make other colours she was ready to start.

For the next couple of hours she was quietly painting the picture and eventually finished and very proud of her masterpiece that is now hanging on her bedroom wall. She still has 2 more to paint but we decided to keep these to do on a rainy day.

Overall, the Canvas Creations are great. They come with a durable canvas on a wooden frame that when you have finished painting is ready to hang on the wall. There was enough paint to complete the picture and the finished picture looks great and is something kids will be proud of and an added bonus is that it help with hand/eye co-ordination with painting between the lines, helps learn how mixing different colours will give you a new colour and best of all keeps children occupied and quiet for a couple of hours.

At £4.99 individually or £14 for the set of 3 they are great value for money and are perfect for rainy days and would make an ideal perfect present.


Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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