Lypsyl Lip Care Review


Reviewed by Louise Watts

With Valentine’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks, I want you to picture the scene…. well one of 2 scenes actually!


You have spent hours getting ready for your dinner date. You have bathed, used a facemask, delicately applied your perfect makeup, had your hair and nails done and bought a new dress and shoes. You are going to a 5-star restaurant with the man of your dreams. Nothing is going to stop you tonight. This is your night with your perfect partner.

The evening goes as well as you could have hoped. You finish your meal with a coffee to wash down the delectable meal you have just eaten and the fine wine you shared.

As you leave the restaurant and head to the taxi rank in the cold February evening, he puts his arm around you. You are in heaven right now, nothing could be more perfect as he goes to kiss you…

…oh no, your lips are dry and crusty. They are red and sore because of the cold air and the kiss is a disaster! After all the effort you put in to make the evening perfect, it has all been ruined because you have dried, damaged lips!


You have small children and have arranged a babysitter as it is a special occasion and therefore you have made the effort to go to your local pub for dinner. You fed the kids, put them in front of the telly and then went for a quick shower – you even managed to do this without any of the children coming into the bathroom… absolute bliss!

You have washed your hair, dried it (quite an achievement!), found some perfume hidden at the back of your shelf and dug out the necklace and earring set your partner bought for you before you had children.

You look in the mirror and think to yourself “I don’t scrub up too bad when.”

Your babysitter arrives, and you leave together for the short walk to your local pub. You choose your food and settle down with a bottle of prosecco to share. Amazingly, you actually find that you have lots to talk about and that’s even when you are avoiding talking about the children. You realise why you fell in love with your partner and it becomes clear that you both still feel the same, it is just that life has got in the way of you being able to tell and show each other.

You leave the restaurant at around 9pm as you cannot be late due to an early rise tomorrow for the school run.

You get home, go to bed at the same time and have a cuddle…

…Suddenly he comes to kiss you and your lips are dried and cracked. That’s it… the moment has gone! You tell each other you love them and then roll over and go to sleep!

The evening had so much hope and promise and it was all ruined because you had dried and damaged lips.

Let’s be honest, we have all been there. This cold weather does absolutely nothing for our dry lips. The question I ask is why do we let it ruin things when it is so easy to fix?

There are a multitude of lip balms available for a few £’s but is it worth paying the extra little bit to get one that has all the ingredients needed to ensure your valentine’s day does not end up like the examples above?

I have had the pleasure of trialling 2 different flavours of Lypsyl this week. My kids will tell you that I do not wear any make up or spend any money or time on myself so it has been a complete delight to be able to look after my lips this week!

Lypsyl is a well-known company that has been trading since 1891. That in itself surely says that they are doing something right?

They have recently updated their formula to provide even better moisturising to our lips. As well as the pre-existing ingredients of Aloe Vera to repair and heal damaged lips, Vitamin E to prevent our lips drying out, Avocado Oil to moisturise and repair as well as being protective against UVA and UVB rays with an SPF 15 rating they have added extra ingredients. The old recipe has worked well for us over previous years but now they have added Shea butter, Velvety Cocoa butter and natural Beeswax to provide us with even better moisturising and protection. With the additional guarantee of no preservatives and no artificial colours what more could we want?

On top of all of that it has been dermatologically tested so that we can be sure that our lips are safe when we use their products. With a RRP of £1.89, this this all sounds very nice, what we have to ask ourselves however, is whether it actually does what it says it does. Will it moisturise, protect and help our dried and damaged lips heal and help us avoid a Valentine’s day disaster?

There are many flavours available, but I trialled Cherry & Almond as well as Strawberry & Pomegranate. Both of them are untinted so there is no colour to the Lypsyl. Both fragrances are very pleasant and very subtle. There is no really obvious smell to them unless you get very close but they both have a nice flavour when you put them on your lips. This is very important as the last thing you want is to have beautiful soft lips but every time you lick them, you get a disgusting taste. You will certainly not be disappointed with these two fragrances.

Having used the products for a week, I can honestly say my lips are much softer and smoother. I did not consider myself to have particularly dry lips to begin with, but they have most definitely appreciated the moisturising element to Lypsyl this week. I am certainly intending to spend the £1.89 in future to treat my lips and keep them in a kissable state!

I would thoroughly recommend Lypsyl to people who are predisposed to dried or cracked lips but also to people who just feel some moisturising would be of benefit. The price is very reasonable and if used sensibly, it will last a while.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £1.89 each

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