Love Writing Co. Complete Learning To Write Pack Review

Age 3-5 years

Reviewed by Joanna Woodburn

As a parent and also as a specialist teacher of Literacy, I highly recommend The Complete Learning to Write Pack, age 3-5 years from The Love Writing Co. range of writing products. This wonderful new company are on an impressive mission to make a difference to children by fostering a love of writing and by making it easier for them to learn to write.

For me, it is mission accomplished!

Little hands are at the start of their learning journey! The Love Writing Co. aims to help children love writing from the start. The Age 3-5 years Complete Learning to Write Pack is perfectly presented in a unique, colourful and appealing eco-friendly gym bag, which keeps it all in one place. It includes specially designed aged 3-5 years Writing and Erasable Colouring Pencils, two progressive Alphabet and Letter Practice Books, and an Eraser Sharpener. The pack brings together all the 3-5 year old products for convenience and is excellent value for money.

My children were so excited by the colourful gym bag that they wanted to dive right in and immediately give it a go! The bag, I feel gives children a real sense of ownership about their writing which really helps to support their engagement and enjoyment.

The key to the appeal of the pack is that it makes what is mentally a complex activity for a child of this age fun, interactive and ultimately appealing. Learning to write is something that all children are expected to learn from a very young age. The skill of handwriting brings together many different processes such as motor skills and symbol and sound recognition. The Complete Learning to Write Pack – Age 3-5 year old completely recognises this and takes into account all of the different areas.

The writing and erasable colouring pencils are well designed for little hands, both in width and uniquely, in length. The pencils are significantly in 2 sizes, the next size up would be for 6-9 years. As a parent, are we ever sure when a child should move up to a bigger sized pencil? Well, the Love Writing Co. make this very clear, with a simple and effective marker system. So the pencil will always fit the little hand as it grows – perfect!

Initial impressions were that the pencils felt a bit different but after just a little while the children were having a go at the Handwriting and Alphabet Practice Books with great excitement and ease. The younger children’s pencils are easier to hold as they are wider and just the correct length for little hands, it was impressive how well they fitted into my children’s little hands. The hexagonal shape really helps the child adopt the correct tripod grip naturally – without the need for clumsy pencil grips.

There are two Handwriting and Alphabet Practice books in the pack. The books offer a phonic based approach to teaching letter formation, structured and research based whilst at the same time completely child friendly. My children loved the colourful pictures and the motivating reward stickers at the end of the book, which can be stuck on as each page is completed were a great surprise!

I was also really pleased to note that the premium linden wood used for all the pencils and books is responsibly sourced and fully FSC certified. With the Practice books, the high-quality sourced paper means the writing can be fully erased so the books can be used over and over again.

This brings me to the Eraser Sharpener! Well, we do go through a lot of erasers in our home and at school. However, I have to say the Eraser Sharpener in the Complete Learning to Write pack looks like it will be able to stand the test of time! Colourful, chunky and the perfect size and shape for little hands, it even feels good! The children loved using it!

The Complete Learning to Write Pack, age 3-5 years from The Love Writing Co. will be the perfect Christmas complement to the usual toys and gadgets on the Christmas list – children will be delighted! Highly recommended!

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £26.50

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