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Love Raw Taste Test Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

If you are not familiar with the brand, Love Raw is a small company which has been creating vegan chocolate products since 2013. There are a lot of vegan alternatives available now especially since more and more people are opting to follow a vegan diet, or cut down on animal product consumption or simply take part in Veganuary each January. The difference with Love Raw compared to the many other vegan chocolate brands out there now is that their mission is to make vegan chocolate which tastes like ordinary chocolate. That is just as indulgent. That is just as delicious. A treat that anyone can enjoy, even non vegans.

I have found that people’s opinions of vegan chocolate can differ. Some people have told me that they find any chocolate alternatives disgusting and can definitely tell the difference. However, I do wonder if people’s bias may come into play when they know they are eating a plant based chocolate.

Love Raw have sent me a taste test box to try. The box contains three of their vegan products as well as three very similar products which are regular chocolate. Each item is unbranded to keep the test fair and instead each item is labelled with a letter and a number.

So my husband and I decided to put each item to the test. Firstly to see if we could tell the two items apart and secondly to decide which one we preferred. Afterwards we were able to open the sealed envelope included to find out if we were right or wrong.

Our first item out of the box was two wafer bars. We cut each one in half so we could both try each one. From first look at them it was very hard to say which was which. Both looked like milk chocolate. After trying a taste though we were both sure we knew which was the non dairy alternative. We really enjoyed both and would certainly happily buy and eat either one. However we did manage to guess correctly and before opening the envelope both agreed we preferred the regular wafer bar. It just had a slight more creamy taste.

The next item were two more similar wafer bars but this time a white chocolate variety. Again, based on sight alone we were none the wiser. Both bars looked impressive and very indulgent. We again shared and came to the same conclusions that the regular wafer just edged out in front for us because of its velvety taste. But again both were delicious and I would very happily eat either. I think if I had not eaten them at the same time I wouldn’t have been able to tell the Love Raw version was plant based. It felt like a really creamy treat.

That brings us to the final item out of the taste test box. Two nutty, chocolate balls. This time I did not share! (It would have been very hard to cut these in half anyway.) I looked at each one and then looked again. There was no telling them apart for me. Each was the same size with a thick layering of chocolate and flecks of nuts. I was convinced that two of the same type had accidentally been sent. I ate one after the other. Both were delicious. A crisp shell and a smooth, nutty centre. I was craving more. And I didn’t have a clue which was which. But I did know which was my favourite and I was amazed to discover it was the Love Raw version. It was just such a silky, rich flavour. It felt like a delightful treat.

So overall I can say whether you are vegan, sometimes vegan or just curious I highly recommend Love Raw. You know you can enjoy a gratifying treat that has been made with high quality, ethically sourced ingredients.

Rating: 5/5

Love Raw products can be purchased from their website here.

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