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LeapFrog LeapPad Review


Reviewed by Brian Grehan and
Lauren Talbot (Age 6)

This is a remarkable and fantastic hand held learning pad for younger people. The little person in our house found it very difficult to put down! The great part about this is that the games and books are educational based. Aimed at age 4 and up this multi-media package left me astounded!

There is so much that can be done with the LeapPad. From playing games and reading to making homemade movies. It is certainly a long way from the LeapPad books that I remember my older daughter had when she was an infant.

The one thing I thought was a bit of a challenge was actually getting started and setting up a parents account. But even a computer novice like myself eventually got to grips with it and managed to set one up!

Playing and learning while they play is one of the best parts about the LeapPad. With LeapFrog Connect parents can monitor their child's learning. Parents can also personalise the learning experience for their child. This is a whole new ball game compared to the simple board games that I had when I was growing up!

There are plenty of games and books you can buy online which can be downloaded to the pad once connected to a computer. We downloaded Roly Poly Picnic and Roly Poly Picnic 2. Both were great and easy to play and both were very educational one with literacy and the other with numeracy. The games are very interactive and great fun to play. Stories and games from companies like Disney and Nickelodeon can be purchased and downloaded and played straight away.

Our little reviewer got Disney Princess to play and she loved it! It’s a great educational game from one of the biggest brands in the world. I tried to play it and was useless until I was shown how to play the game properly by a six year old! There are 2 stories to follow read and play along with. The games are straightforward that even a 6 year old can follow them but maybe a 46 year old can't!

Apart from games and books there is plenty more you can do with the LeapPad.  One of the many functions is Pet Pad. This is a brilliant learning tool where your child creates and cares for their own interactive virtual pet. They develop the pet and care for them like a real pet and is a very good learning experience for them as they learn that pets need feeding cleaning and can play too!

The camera function on the LeapPad is amazing! Children can take pictures and then play around with the image by adding funny effects from the LeapPads memory bank. The laughter that came out of our little reviewer’s bedroom was very infectious as she doctored pictures of her mother that caused much hilarity in the house. I think she may have a hidden talent as a photographer!

She also used the video camera function to create her very own video diary.  She videoed everyone in the house whether they wanted to appear or not and gave a highly amusing running commentary too!

It’s amazing that one piece of equipment can do so much. It’s also brilliant that it’s designed for the younger age group. So much technology these days is aimed at older kids. The LeapPad is excellent and gives younger kids their own piece of hi-tech kit to play with.

I have to say this is one of the best educational tools for children I have come across in a long time and would recommend it to all parents. Marking this out of 5 I would give a 6!

Rating: 5/5

For more information and details of where to buy visit LeapFrog here.

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