Kitkat Festive Friends Review


Reviewed by Helen Wyatt

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate at Christmas time? Even better if it is Christmas themed. And the best if it is a household favourite with a festive fun twist! We were sent some lovely treats to try this December, in the form of a sharing bag of Kitkat festive friends. A sharing bag of Kitkat festive friends contains 10 festive shapes and 12 festive santas, all individually wrapped. You get a random assortment of festive shapes which could be any of the following items: a penguin, Christmas tree, gingerbread man, elf, Santa, bauble, present, stocking, snowman or reindeer. The bag is 220g in size, containing a good amount of festive friends to share with friends and family at Christmas.

Each festive friend is made of sustainably sourced cocoa from the Nestle cocoa plan, supporting farmers better chocolate. The Plan ensures a better future for cocoa farmers and even better chocolate for us! The plan helps farmers increase their incomes and livelihoods, improve community access to safe water and provides access to education amongst other things, so you know that by buying the products you are supporting a really great cause.

The santas are very cute, with little cheeky smiles! Even better they are gluten free, and also contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The festive friends are not what you would expect from a kitkat, which is usually less chocolate and more wafer. These festive friends actually contain more chocolate with little crunchy wafer pieces which we much preferred over the usual kitkat arrangement. The chocolate is rich and creamy, and you could easily munch your way through the whole packet in one sitting! There was really no danger of me being able to do that in my house though as I opened the bag and they were all gone pretty much in one day. My kids, my husband and my friend all “helped” me greatly by eating them all! They really are yummy little treats, and just the right size as a little snack, although I think I would have liked them to be a little larger. I suppose you could say they are more like a chocolate truffle than traditional kitkats but we liked them nonetheless.

As they are all individually wrapped, that does mean a lot of packaging for a bag of quite small chocolates, and with it not being recyclable that means we are unfortunately adding to the environmental impact. It would be better if Kitkat could consider updating their packaging to their ethos around that matches that of their support for cocoa farmers.

This bag of yummy festive friends would make a nice treat to have in a bowl by the Christmas tree and cheekily dip into on Christmas afternoon while drinking hot chocolate and watching a cheesy festive film with your family, to use as a great stocking filler for children, or just to eat them all in one go on your own for no other reason than you like them!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £3

This product can be purchased from KitKat here.

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