Joe & Seph’s Valentine’s Night In Gift Box Review


Reviewed by Mel S-W

I was absolutely over the moon to find this parcel on my doorstep!  I absolutely love popcorn and don’t normally treat myself to gourmet popcorn but I will after this!

I received the Valentine’s Night In gift box and it was packaged so well and it was great to see that the popcorn was still in large pieces.  There’s nothing worse than digging into posh popcorn and finding small crushed bits at the bottom of the bag but these on close inspection were undamaged.  The gift box was great, the four packs of popcorn were kept safely within a sturdy gold gift box with all the contents nestled neatly in red tissue paper.

Within the Valentine’s Night In Gift Box were the following yummy looking popcorn items, White Chocolate and Raspberry Popcorn Bites, White Chocolate and Strawberry Gourmet Popcorn, Caramel Macchiato and Whiskey Popcorn and finally Rose Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn and a really cheesy Valentines card which read “This may sound corny but … You make my heart pop!” The card didn’t have an envelope which was ok as it would have been given as a complete gift box.  However, it would have been good to have included a Joe & Seph’s sticker so that I could reseal the gift box once I had written out the Valentine’s card and resealed the box.  It was so beautifully presented, it was a shame to have the label cut through.

The individual popcorn packaging is great, it shows the popcorn off in all its glory; big, fully coated gorgeous looking popcorn.  The packaging is a sturdy clear plastic and each bag had a resealable strip to keep the popcorn fresh.  Sealed up, it’s recommended that you eat the popcorn within five days.  Not going to lie, there wasn’t much left after trying them all out! It is great to be able to seal them up for another day.  I have often thought about buying Joe & Seph’s before but didn’t know if I could justify the price.  I wish so much that I’d taken the plunge and brought them.  It’s tasty, of such good quality and so worth the indulgence.  I will definitely be buying them again.

So what does the popcorn taste like?  I love them!  Full of flavour, amazing coatings but not too crisp so they break your teeth!  White Chocolate and Raspberry Popcorn Bites…  Well, these look like little popcorns wearing white chocolate hats.  The white chocolate is rich and I would definitely recommend pacing yourself on these bad boys!  The White Chocolate and Strawberry Gourmet Popcorn were the sweetest of the three gourmet popcorns but they weren’t the kind of overly sweet that sets your teeth on edge.  They have a red colouring to them and taste so good!

Moving onto the flavour that I was least looking forward to, the Caramel Macchiato and Whiskey Popcorn.  Well…. these actually were my favourite out of all of them.  I find this odd because I am not a coffee fan.  The coffee gives it almost a smoky flavour to it.

Finally Rose Chocolate Gourmet Popcorn.  If you’re a fan of Turkish Delight then this is the popcorn for you!  It’s not my favourite but was still tasty with a delicate hint of rose.

All of the popcorn flavours were full of flavour, fully coated and so so moreish.  The popcorn was fully popped without any annoying seed casings or kernels.  The packaging did warn that there may be unpopped kernels but we didn’t see any whilst we were trialling them all.

There are a few discrepancies in the marketing and description of the gift box but this doesn’t detract from my review of the items as they were amazing.  The website is ok to navigate but the discrepancy is in the description of the item online.  It states that “Featuring two of our limited-edition Valentine’s popcorn flavours, decadent White Chocolate & Raspberry Popcorn Bites, and a cheeky Valentine’s Card.  This Kit contains everything you need to create a lovely night with your unique Valentine.”  Being nosey, I wanted to know if I had received a bonus pack of popcorn or if this was just an editing error.  In the contents section it does list all three packs as being included so it’s just an editing error.

Overall, I would definitely purchase any of the gift boxes or individual packets of popcorn from Joe & Seph’s so tasty and definitely did not disappoint.  Would be over the moon to receive one of Joe & Seph’s Valentine’s Night In Gift Box for Valentine’s day (wink wink!) or to give one out to my Valentine!

Rating 4.5 out of 5 – losing just half a point because the card was sealed inside the box and I couldn’t write my own message in there. Maybe a cheesy pre-written generic message could have solved this.

RRP: £20.00

Stockist: Available from

Rating: 4.5/5

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