Incredible Car Tech That’s Changing The Way You Drive

Cars have always been a source of excellent technology. Even something as seemingly simple as satnav was once a piece of breakthrough technology. Often, some of the best tech originates in cars, then gets altered for other uses. The fact is that there are so many different things you can add to a car to make it technologically advanced. So, let’s take a look at some of the amazing car technologies that are changing the way you drive today:

Advanced 4-Wheel Drive Systems

For most people, a 4-wheel drive system isn’t that impressive. However, companies like BMW have developed advanced systems that change the way you drive. BMW uses the xDrive system, which essentially helps to divert power to either the front or rear wheels depending on the driving conditions. If you go to any BMW dealer, like Stephen James, then they will tell you more about this feature in-depth. For now, all you need to know is that it can help you gain more traction control and avoid skidding and sliding when it’s wet or icy. The best part is that the technology works by itself and will automatically detect where your car needs extra support, delivering more torque to that area!

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Parking Cameras

You’ve probably seen these in lots of modern cars, and they’re becoming a staple feature in the auto industry. With parking cameras, you have a way of seeing what’s behind you through a screen on your dashboard. It allows you to park with more accuracy and avoid getting into awkward situations where you just can’t get into a tight spot. What’s more, many of these camera systems have technology that guides you into the parking spots by showing you the best path to take. Now, nobody will have trouble when parallel parking, you can reduce any minor accidents and bumps/scrapes – it’s great!

Assisted Steering

As the video above shows, the idea of a self-driving car is becoming more realistic by the day. There are still some concerns about autonomous vehicles, but the technology can be used to help improve your driving experience. Mainly, cars are opting for more of an assisted steering approach. Your car is packed out with sensors that let it map out the road ahead of you, then it handles the main steering for you. You still have to pay attention and can’t fall asleep, but it lets you feel more relaxed and not worry too much about driving. When combined with a cruise control system, you don’t even need to put your foot on the pedals.

The amount of technology in modern cars is frightening – but in a good way! We’ve barely even scratched the surface by listing the three things above. For me, these are some of the most exciting features as they actively help you when you’re driving. Alongside all of this, there are other car technologies that are more entertainment-based, and you have a whole host of car safety tech as well. Overall, if you love technology, then the auto industry is an absolute goldmine right now.

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