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Incoherent – The Hilarious Card Game Review


Reviewed by Alison Rood

As someone from Cheshire who lives amongst a family of Scousers, my accent is often described by them as “Incoherent” so I thought this game was quite fitting for our family when we have our get togethers!

If you like the popular card game “What do you meme?” – chances are you will like Incoherent.  They were created by the same people and are just as fun as each other.

Incoherent is a card game consisting of a whopping 400 cards, covering 3 different categories including Party, Pop culture and Kinky.

Due to the latter, the game is aimed at ages 17+ but I found that you could just exclude that category and include younger members in the game.  Even so, I would recommend vetting the cards first, as the game does come with a “Parental Advisory Explicit Content” warning.

Each card has a few random words on it, which when first spoken sound like gibberish but when deciphered, actually forms a sentence.  For the person reading it, who can see the answer, it always seems so obvious.  But when the shoe is on the other foot and it is your turn to guess, some of them are really quite tricky.

The thing that makes this even more fun (and more tricky!) is that you have to decipher it before the timer runs out!

An example of one of the cards is “real agents sip gulls” – I will give you a few seconds to try and figure it out……

“Relationship goals”

Most of us playing ranged from 17 to 70, but there were still a number of sayings that none of us had heard of, which I found a bit unusual!

Card games like this are always a go to for us as they are always an easy set up and are typically compact, meaning they are easy to take to family parties!  The box for this is slightly bigger than it needs to be though.  Only half of the box is filled with cards, the rest is wasted space as it just homes the timer.  So to make this even more travel friendly, my suggestion would be to streamline the packaging even further.

Another good thing about the game is the ease of the rules.  With some games, you are fed up before you even start because of how long winded the instructions are.  No such issue with this game, it is a really simple, but fun concept.

Because of the number of cards in the pack, it isn’t one of those card games that you burn through quickly.  But when you ARE done, expansion packs are available so you can keep playing this hilarious game even once you have gone through the original deck.

The game is recommended for between 2 and 20 players. In order to win the game, you must be the first player to decipher 13 cards.  Or if you are playing in teams, the winner is the team who has deciphered the most cards after 3 rounds.

As mentioned, some are quite tricky, and so there is an option for a “hint” – these are supplied on the card which we found very useful at times.

Overall, it is a real belly laugh game to play with family and friends – one which we will keep reaching for, and probably expanding.  With Christmas round the corner, it would make a great gift that also doubles up as the evening’s entertainment.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £20

Available to purchase from here.

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