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I ❤️ VIP Pets Review


Reviewed by Linda Curtain

With the recent popularity of ‘surprise’ toys and the on-line unboxing of these items, I was pleased to be chosen to review one of the latest crazes -I ❤️ VIP Pets.  I had not heard of these but was soon enlightened by my six year old granddaughter! They are a range of dogs who have very long, silky hair which they love to have brushed and styled. There are twelve different dogs to collect, each with their own personalities and like all the ‘surprise’ toys you don’t know which one you have. Only when you wash its hair do you discover it’s identity!

The item I received to review was the VIP Pets Hair Salon set – the place where all the discerning dogs love to go for a hair-do and pamper.
Looking at the colourful, eye catching box – complete with a window showing Kiara the special dog that comes with the salon -I could see that this item would have great appeal to children and would be sure to be another item on their Christmas list!

On opening the box I was impressed with the colourful and well made product within. Like many of these toys it needed quite a lot of constructing but good, clear instructions helped with this.  The first thing was to create the actual salon which consisted of a well illustrated cardboard backdrop which attached to a very colourful rainbow arch. This then clipped onto the base and the main salon soon took shape. A hair washing shower spray was next constructed – this fitted well through the back wall into the basin, with the bottle filled with water behind the wall. A mirror was set in place behind the hairdressers chair. This was well thought out and had a suction base pad to prevent movement when hair was being brushed. Finally the Glitterizer dome was set in place. In addition to all these features, there were a range of bands, hair clips, glitter which can be stored in the base and stickers to add to the fun.

Once set up it was on with the fun. Kiara – the included dog was well made with a beautiful face and incredibly long hair. Once filled with water, the hand pump made the water come out of the shower head. Beware though – with so much hair this meant water went everywhere!! Once dampened, it was great fun to style the hair and using the rainbow coloured comb different highlights were given to the hair. Care was needed when putting this comb together – with the chalks being wrapped tightly in plastic it would be easy to snap them.

Now onto the Glitterizer – this really added a magical touch. After putting a small amount of glue on the hair Kiara was placed in the dome and by twisting the roof section a shower of glitter fell over her hair. The main problem with this was that with so much hair it was a challenge to get the dog and hair into the dome – I feel it would be better to style/plait the hair first but certainly a lot of fun.  The colour and glitter could be washed out – I found using soapy water best – then restyled.

A charming product which can be used by the other dogs in the VIP Pets range. Colourful and well made this is certain to be a Christmas favourite this year.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £34.99

This product can be purchased from many well known stores including Argos, Smyths, The Toy Shop and the Entertainer plus online from Amazon.

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