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HTVRONT Heat Press Machine 10″ x 10″ Review


Reviewed by Sian Manning

I was really happy to get chosen for this review as I have a Cricut and use it to make items for my children and personalise t-shirts, jumpers and other items for us all, but I haven’t had or used a heat press like this one before so I was looking forward to receiving it and giving it a go.

The item came with a courier and was in a bigger box with the heat press inside, also included was a selection of vinyl and a weeding tool which was a wonderful surprise and made me even more keen to make something for my little girl.
The heat press box was a little dented in on the corners from transit but the contents were all safely protected inside. Inside the box is the heat press itself – mine is a gorgeous aqua blue colour but you can also go for a red one if you prefer, a heat resistant safety base (to protect your workspace and save everything from burns), a fabric carry bag to keep it all well protected and safe and the instructions.

Inside the vinyl bundle was a large selection of heat transfer coloured vinyl, a weeding tool, a teflon sheet and an instruction leaflet.

I had a good look through the items and read through the instructions and then got onto finding a design I wanted to create and the item of clothing to work with. I settled on a unicorn design (little miss 5 year old loves a unicorn!) and a jumper, the unicorn meant I could try a few of the vinyls, black, a metallic pink and a metallic gold.
Reading through the instructions they make it nice and easy for selecting the correct settings for the machine you are using. So I set the Cricut up and it cut the vinyl beautifully, no snags, no pulls and it cut through beautifully without going through the backing sheet at all. After the cutting comes the weeding, this stuff weeds like a dream, once you have pulled up an edge it comes up so easily and makes the job much faster – having three colours and cuts to do I was very glad at this.

I lined up the first colour on the jumper after preheating the jumper as per the instructions, next you select the heat, pressure and time, this is all in the instructions for the vinyl so I selected the heat and time limit needed on the top of the machine using the buttons and the display window.

You then put the teflon sheet over the vinyl to protect the press and the clothing and start the countdown timer, this makes it super easy to make sure you have the correct time, heat and even pressure as it is able to measure the pressure you push onto the garment.

You wait 30 seconds to a minute to peel the backing from the vinyl as it is cool peel and you can then see how the vinyl has adhered to the garment.

The second and third colours were also easy to apply and in no time I had a design I was happy with, it looks good and was easy to achieve too.

The heat press is super easy to use, it heats up really quickly, gives even heat and is a great size for lots of craft projects and designs. The cable is a good length too so I didn’t feel I had to sit really close to a socket.

For the cost and ease of use it is a great piece of equipment, for a crafter, start up small business or just because you need a new heat press it is a great choice and if you are also looking for vinyl to go with it I really would recommend you having a look through and seeing what they have to offer as I am really impressed with the selection I have.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £109.99

You can purchase this item from here.

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