GETTING PERSONAL Personalised Onyx Men’s Dressing Box Review


Reviewed by Mrs_Taylor

My husband is really hard to buy for! Every birthday and Christmas or special occasion I spend a lot of time trying to decide on a thoughtful gift for him and always end up struggling unless I ask him for a specific idea but this product fits the bill! He has a variety of watches and cufflinks lying around the room and nothing to put them in so this Onyx Men’s Dressing Box which can be personalised to the recipient is perfect!

The personalised Onyx Men’s Dressing Box arrived in a large cardboard box which is great for the environment as no excess packaging but it does mean it is important that you are home and able to take in the package otherwise if it is raining the box will probably get wet!

The box is H7.2 x W17.7 x D11.7cm which is the perfect size to fit a couple of watches and a box of cufflinks in. In terms of personalisation you can put up to 24 characters on the box. This message is really easy to add to your order and on the Onyx Men’s Dressing Box it is then stamped down on a silver metal strip near the top of the box.

I thought the outside of the box was beautiful – a gorgeous onyx dark wood (which is a mix of pine softwood & plywood) with the personalisation on it. But I was a little disappointed with the inside. Although it is a good size the inside is made up of an ivory felt lining which didn’t feel as luxurious as the rest of it. However personalised items often cost more and I do think £28.99 is good value for money for what you get. Getting Personal also have many other personalised jewellery boxes in different styles and sizes so there is bound to be one which is suitable.

Getting Personal, Made to Mean More website was started in 2005 by two expectant fathers who created and sold a personalised calendar and since then have gone on to have over 4,000 items for sale which are able to be personalised. The website as a result, has a huge selection of not only personalised jewellery boxes but also photo wall art, glassware, alcohol, chocolate, aprons, candles, notebooks etc – the list is pretty much endless and therefore there is bound to be something for everyone while also meaning that once you personalise it, the recipient will get a lovely one of a kind product.

My husband loved the personalised Onyx Men’s Dressing Box and it has made his bedside table a lot tidier and smarter! I loved how easy it was to personalise the Onyx Men’s Dressing Box and will definitely be looking at this website again for other personalised products in the future.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £28.99 for the Personalised Onyx Men’s Dressing Box

This product can be purchased from Getting Personal here.

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