Get 30% Off Joining/Re-joining/Renewing As A WGTD Reviewer Using Discount Code 1B5446F159


We are looking for people to join our WGTD Reviewer Community. Do you enjoy writing? Perhaps you don’t yourself but you know someone who does. We would be really grateful if you would tell them about this opportunity.

If you cannot afford the annual admin fee or are not sure about taking the plunge right now, why not sign up as a Guest Reviewer FREE OF CHARGE?

So why join as a reviewer?
Reason 1 – several of our current reviewers have been reviewers for five or more years in total (sometimes taking a break so the 5 years is the times as a reviewer added together)
Reason 2 – our website had 52,000 unique visits, 106,000 visits, 274,000 page views and 1.0 million hits in March 2024
Reason 3 – Our company (not the WGTD business activity) was established back in 2003
Reason 4 – Our WGTD Reviewer Community has grown mostly via word of mouth over the years
Reason 5 – Over the years we have built long-term relationships with several clients
Reason 6 – Times are sadly challenging financially for so many people at the moment – being a WGTD Reviewer can help you give yourself/your family treats that you might not otherwise be able to afford
Reason 7 – It’s flexible – reviewers can decide when they put themselves forward for review opportunities and which review opportunities they put themselves forward for
Reason 8 – If you are short of time, you can purchase a joint reviewer membership and either reviewer can then write up product reviews or venue reviews which both reviewers attend – this can be a way to get a 2nd allocation of review opportunities for the same household, but you do not have to be within the same household

Use discount code 1B5446F159 to get 30% off joining/re-joining/renewing as a reviewer (individual/joint reviewer membership) Offer ends 23.59 on 14/4/24. The discount code can be used a maximum of 50 times, so only the first 50 people to use the discount code will be able to get the 30% discount. See for our ts and cs.

More info:

To use the discount code, please go through checkout here and enter the discount code in the discount field.

Annual admin fee:

£27.99 individual using the discount code (£39.99 without)
£29.39 joint (share an allocation of reviews but can go out independently of each other on venue reviews) using the discount code (£41.99 without)

You would be welcome to join our FB group for reviewers to see what goes on and decide whether to join:

Why do we charge the admin fee?
We charge the admin fee because of the admin time we spend arranging reviews and the fact that we do not charge our clients a fee for writing reviews. We do guarantee the admin fee paid in reviews, subject to reviewers being regularly active over the year. That said, we do not guarantee a particular type of review will be available.

How does it work?
Product(s)/experience(s) are gifted to a reviewer by a client for the purposes of the reviewer writing a review. With experiences clients do tend to gift the experience to one or more guests too.

Want to check us out?
1. Why not look at our social media pages as some of our clients mention us when we review their product(s)/service(s). Theatres sometimes put quotes from our reviews on their marketing material(s).
2. You can read this month’s blog posts here: April 2024 – What’s Good To Do (
3. Our company info – Toys and Clothes Limited t/a

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