Finamill Spice Grinder Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Wong

I consider myself to be a decent cook! With that comes a cupboard full of various accoutrements to my dishes; I have herbs, spices and seasoning galore! Whether it’s a little something to enhance the flavour of a dish or to add later for personal taste – I will have it in the cupboard. Which also brings with it the issue of space, storage and finding the blinking things! When out shopping there is always a choice – do I buy the pre-ground version or do I buy the little grinding bottles? Of course, grinding provides much more flavour and as much as these are convenient I hate the additional plastic wastage – there is always a compromise somewhere. So when I received the Finamill Spice Grinder I was excited to see if it would reduce that waste and also add to my cooking experience.

I’ve never owned an electric grinder in fact I’m not sure I knew they existed. So I was interested to see how useful they are. I received the red ‘Sangria’ Grinder – it matches my kitchen tiles of course – but there is a choice of lovely vibrant colours to choose from aside from the black and grey (stone) if that’s what suits your colour palette. It’s a rather sleek looking grinder and of a good size and comes with 2 Pro Plus Pods to hold different spices. I also received a stackable tray to store the pods on – a ready made storage solution which is always handy.

The box is lovely, its well packaged and contains full instructions as well as labels with a range of common spice names to a add to your pods for easy identification, which is a nice touch. The mill is battery operated and requires 3 AA batteries which are easily inserted into the handle of the grinder. I filled up the first pod – reaching for the peppercorns that get constant use in this house and added to every dish. The pods were a little fiddly to work out, opening, filling and then locking and it took me a minute to figure out how to add it onto the grinder. But a simple press down on the pod will click it into place ready to go. You can also adjust the level of fineness of the grinder with a little cog on the pod which is a really nice feature that you wouldn’t get on a regular grinder.

Upon first use, I found that the grinder does make a little whirring noise and to my surprise also has a light on the bottom so that you can see the ground being delivered onto your chosen dish. It was so easy to us with a press of the button on the very top of the grinder and you can distribute as much or as little as you like. This a especially helpful to those who may have any kind of impairment with their hands. The pods can then easily be swapped over by pressing down on a surface and it pops out ready to press down on a different pod to secure it in place.

This is a lovely addition to any kitchen and feels quite luxurious to use. It’s the perfect gift for a real foodie and additional pods can be purchased to build up and add to your collection. The Finamill retails at £49.95 and additional pods cost £10.95 but you receive enough to get you started. You also have the option to buy different grade of pods that are designed for different grinding needs. The max which is for harder spices such as caraway seeds and dried lemon peel but can also be used for coffee beans – which is a massive plus! The trays are a great touch which hold 3 pods but then can be stacked on top of each other as your collection grows. These retail at £10.95 – great add-on gifts if needed! All can be purchased at This is a great luxury item for those that love a gadget and love to cook. It’s a fantastic gift, it’s also something that you can grow and add to over time. I give this a 5/5 for luxury, ease of use and of course for reducing plastic waste on buying individuals grinders that are single-use.

Rating: 5/5

£49.95 from the above website

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