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Win an EasyRead Time Teacher Watch in any colour or style from the £19.96 range!

We’ve teamed up EasyRead Time Teacher to offer one lucky reader a chance to win an EasyRead Time Teacher watch in any colour/style form their £19.96 range! Perfect for children learning to tell the time using 24 hours clock face or Past & To clock faces!

It’s a fact that lots of children struggle to learn to tell the time on analogue clocks, sadly some never do. To find a way to help these students we had to intensely study children in the learning environment to truly understand the problem.

Working with various children over a period of time EasyRead Time Teacher identified 2 significant elements that cause children problems.

1. In general, regular clocks and watches only display the hour numbers and some markings to indicate minutes. This is only about 20% of the information we need to know, 80% of the information we need is missing from the clock face.

2. The hands can be ambiguous, they’re often nearly the same length and not pointing specifically to either the hours or the minutes. Most of the time they’re in between numbers anyway, so it’s very difficult to know which number to read.

This is very confusing for a child and it makes it hard for them to learn to tell the time.

Armed with this information EasyRead designed a clock face that carries all the information we need to tell the time; but this still didn’t provide a sure-fire solution. We needed to help the child know which numbers to read at any point in time.

We realised that if we enclosed every number on the face in an individual box we could tailor the length of the hands so that the tips clearly indicated specific numbers. Now we have a clock that shows all the information we need and hands that tell us exactly which numbers to read.

This completely removes the mystery surrounding analogue clocks and watches.

Students no longer need to memorise all the missing information before they can tell the time, they simply need to read the numbers that the hands tells them, in the right order.


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