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Reviewed by Bharti Patel

Drink, Shop & Do is a few minutes’ walk away from Kings Cross station and is very easy to find. Upon arriving we saw a shop with cards and sweets in the window; this does look like just a shop but as you enter and are led through the shop there is an opening to a very large room with a big bar. The shop and room were very chic and simple yet very impressive. The staff all looked like great friends having a massive party with glitter on their faces, gin and tonic bubbles floating around in the air and you could not move for staff waiting to bring you a drink.


We were attending a 5th birthday party for Drink, Shop & Do also referred to as DSD; and this was a big birthday party with drinks, food and party games followed by more drinks and dancing. There were a number of specially selected drinks available from what looked like a cocktail menu and we were allocated to one of the tables and Saturday afternoon tea was served. The afternoon tea consisted of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options topped with a selection of cakes. I have to say the food was amazing and I really enjoyed the vegetarian options. Whilst we were waiting we met Nick the magician doing magic tricks on the unsuspecting crowd, he was fantastic.

Next on the menu was an activity. Having looked at the DSD website this is what they are well known for and all the activities they have on offer seems fun. My first thought after visiting the website was hen party or a day out with friends or even a date, and after the evening I would definitely be booking something with them. The activity we had to do was LEGO robots, now I knew I was competitive but I didn’t realise I would care so much about LEGO until last night. Unfortunately our LEGO robot did not win which I was very disappointed about as we had even tried to theme it to world elephant day but it was brilliant fun to make with the couple sitting opposite us. This is the kind of thing that is a great ice breaker. The winners had the opportunity to get out their frustration of a working day on a piñata which was in the shape of the number 5; I believe that piñata making is also an activity that DSD offers.

Putting our disappointment behind us we started the next activity hopeful we would win a prize that I’m not sure I really wanted but the competitive streak in me wanted to win something. The next activity was musical bingo and there were prizes for 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines and full house. The hostess of bingo was dressed with bingo markers for a headpiece and was very dramatic. She was more like an MC ready to get the party started and encouraged everyone to get up and have a boogie and get the crowd ready for some fun. She did a great job and she didn’t take herself too seriously which is the general vibe of the place, leave your adult behind and bring out your inner child. I won’t go into the details but I did get a full house and ended up in a dance off that I wasn’t expecting. I didn’t win but then I’m not sure I really needed an inflatable banana anyway! I can only describe the activities and this part of the evening like a big kid’s party for adults, it was brilliant and we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves.


The final stage of the night was dancing, drinking and music down in the bar/club downstairs, this venue is much more the shop front you see on the street and its actually really bigger then you expect. We went downstairs to what looked like a bit of a retro room for the crowd that wants to escape the 9-5 day. The DJ played a variety of music of different genres and the bar staff were great. The room itself, not too big but was very cool, with lights hanging and a wall of ghetto blasters and old hi-fi systems.

We had a brilliant night and it was so much fun I can see why they are doing so well in this difficult climate. DSD is a unique concept; I urge you to really book an activity with them and go have some fun! I give them five stars for putting on a brilliant evening, I have already raved about it to my friends and family and it’s not even been 24 hours.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information or to make a booking visit www.drinkshopdo.com.

Drink, Shop & Do. 9 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DX | 020 7278 4335


About Drink, Shop & Do
Drink, Shop & Do’s wide range of hugely successful day time and evening events vary from Calligraphy lessons, vintage hair tutorials and musical bingo to workshops like LEGO Robots, Lionel Rich-Tea and Pin the Pussy on the Pornstar. Each workshop or ‘DO’ is uniquely fascinating and attracts all kinds of craft, music and dance fans. Later on, the venue transforms into a late night haunt bursting with booze and beats.

A light, airy and beautifully designed space, Drink, Shop & Do sits on an ex-Turkish bathhouse in the heart of the hub of Kings Cross. Spread over two floors, customers are first greeted by a colourful shop selling old-school sweets, beautifully crafted homeware and jewellery, vintage pieces, and designer stationery.

Upstairs is a light-filled and colourful 50 cover café serving afternoon tea, light meals and bar snacks, accompanied by speciality teas, and a cocktail list of refreshing and feisty concoctions, a range of spritzes, fruity punch jars, and an impressive gin collection. The café space leads on to a further domed room sporting an impressive disco ball – the perfect location for many of the ‘DOs’. Downstairs, a basement bar complete with sound system and DJ equipment is the ideal place to end the evening with drinks and dancing.

Drink, Shop & Do is a relaxed refuge away from the humdrum of everyday life and the perfect place for Londoners to develop newfound skills, try something unusual and stir-up the creative juices while indulging in a cocktail or two.

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