Diet Plate Management System Review


Reviewed by Anna McKernon

I am a very fitness orientated person and I have always been interested in the Diet Plates, I was lucky enough to be selected to review one. Diet Plates can be used to assist in losing weight but also to ensure that you are eating a well-balanced diet.

The plate came well packaged and surprisingly in the parcel, not only was there a diet plate but also a diet bowl and a very useful information booklet.

The aim behind the Diet Plate Weight Management System is to create an effective way to gain control over portion size to enable the user to lose weight, through using the system to change eating habits and by following techniques explained within the information booklet and via the Diet Plate Online tool, which is a personal dietary, exercise and weight management tool. The Online tool is only available at an additional cost, £9.99 per month or an annual fee of £100.

The Diet Plate, made from fine earthenware, is a tool used to ensure correct portions of food at meal times. The plate is separated into four compartments; Fresh Vegetables & Fruit, Protein (fresh fish or meat), Carbohydrates (Rice, Pasta or Potato) and Sauces. As long as the portion sections are not piled high, so the food contained within the section does not cross the boundary line, you chose which type of food from each group to eat. The information booklet does provide examples of foods for each different section, for example within Protein section you can eat foods such as, chicken, lamb, salmon, eggs or lentils. The plate can also be used as a measuring tool, to ensure size portions are correct before transferring the foods to a portable container if you are not eating the meal from the plate.

The Diet Bowl enables you to eat a 200-calorie serving of any breakfast cereal, including the required amount of milk. This is achievable by lines indicated around the side of the bowl. The bowl consists of four colored lines, each line represents a different cereal or brand of cereal, the supporting information booklet advises you on which line relates to which cereal. The bowl can also be used for soups and desserts.

The diet plate complete system, consisting of the plate, bowl and information booklet, can be brought in three designs; women’s, men’s and children’s, each with a different background design, for a fee of £34.98. The plates and bowls can also be brought separately, £19.99 for the plate and £14.99 for the bowl. All available online from the Diet Plate Management System website The women’s and children’s plate and bowl will provide approximately 1200-1500 calories per day and the male’s plate and bowl will provide approximately 1500-1900 calories per day.

I have regularly used the diet plate and bowl since I received it and I have to say that it is extremely easy to use. I didn’t sign up to the online system, but I did make my own progress tracker to keep track of food eaten and my weight. I will continue to use the system as I personally would like better control over my food intake, ensuring that I am eating the correct amounts of each food group.

I highly recommend the Diet Plate Management System to anyone who is wishes to either lose weight or gain better control over their eating habits.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £34.98 (complete system)

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