Crocodiles of the World Review

Brize Norton, Oxfordshire

Reviewed by Lindsay Burton

We excitedly made our journey to Crocodiles of the World in Brize Norton, Oxfordshire and I was really surprised at the size of this gem of interesting entertainment. When we arrived, the venue is easily located using the postcode on SatNav, we found the venue’s spacious and free parking easily and quickly. We went inside, and boy, they weren’t kidding when they said on the website that one should come dressed in cool, summer clothes. Crocodiles are found in warmer, more humid parts of the globe so keeping their star attractions in a suitable environment means feeling as if you are walking in a tropical rainforest.

The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and provided us with the map of the facility and full timetable of the day’s events so we could plan our visit.

This facility has been designed and fitted out to meet the exact needs, allowing them to exhibit animals in many different ways, giving even more insight into the inner world of crocodiles. We found over 100 individuals representing more than 15 species of crocodiles and we saw crocodiles in clear water habitats with incredible and fascinating underwater viewing. We came face to face with some of the most feared predators on the planet – Nile crocodiles, American alligators, black caiman, and yes, snapping turtles! Did you know that a snapping turtle has a bite force of 885lbs whereas a Great White Shark only has 651lbs??! We watched with bated breath at the enclosure of Nile crocodiles were fed, small warning though, they feed the crocs dead mice and rats so just prepare younger visitors as this did not go down well with my 5-year-old daughter.

We also saw the critically endangered Siamese crocodiles from Cambodia and Chinese alligators, the cutest meerkats, otters, giant tortoises and tamarin monkeys. Crocodiles of the World is one of only four zoos in the UK where you can see a Komodo dragon, the King of the Lizards, they are so big and so majestic!!!

On August 8, 2013, the Foundation received formal confirmation of its charity status from the Charity Commission, the regulator for charities in England and Wales. This enables the zoo to continue with its commitment to advancing crocodilian conservation and promoting awareness of environmental issues affecting crocodiles.

The facility also offers amazing crocodile encounters and handling experiences, click here to find out more..

It’s is definitely an all-weather family attraction, we had quite a bit rain today yet it didn’t hamper our fun or enjoyment. The venue has a fabulous cafe offering great choice of hot-meals, sandwiches or great lunchboxes for children and various hit and cold drinks. There are both indoor and outdoor tables to enjoy your lunch and picnic facilities are available for those who want to bring their own snacks from home. There are play areas and climbing frames outside so the younger visitors can have a play while adults can have a catch up over a cup of tea. Upon our departure we visited the gift shop which hosts a wide variety of quality gifts, soft toys and crocodile memorabilia. The site is wheelchair, family and baby friendly.

So whether you’re looking for a family day-out, unique keeper experiences, school trip or group visit, Crocodiles of the World is a truly memorable day.

Rating: 5/5

Day Tickets cost from £7.95 to £8.95pp (£27 for a family ticket).

For more information or to book tickets online visit

Crocodiles of the World, Burford Road, Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, OX18 3NX

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