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Reviewed Zoe Palmer

When I received Giggle 2 travel system from Cosatto, it was securely packed and boxed, it was clear to see what product was inside. It was incredible easy to build myself (building included applying the wheels, hood and bars for the seat unit and carrycot). The system came with separate carrycot, seat unit, car seat, car seat rain cover, seat apron (footmuff/cosy toes) changing bag, car seat adapters and rain cover that fits both the carrycot and the seat unit.

The chassis
Raising the chassis is easy to do although you do need 2 hands to do this; it took me a few tries to be able to do it confidently but once mastered it was easy. The wheels have an easy click on and remove system, the brake works very well with easy access to use even wearing sandals.

The shopping basket could have been bigger imo but it serves a purpose to hold the rain cover and few bags. The lockable swivel wheel at the front is also easy to do.

I love how high the carry cot, seat unit and the car seat are with giving good access to the shopping basket.


The carrycot
The booklet explains on how to apply and erect the carry cot with easy to follow instructions, the unit seems very secure once on the chassis, the liner and mattress are nice and padded for comfort and the hood comes forward enough to help shield baby. The carrycot should be used from birth to a maximum of 9kgs. A baby can be transferred to the pushchair seat from 6 months of age. The unit is at a nice high level so there is minimal bending to gain access to your baby. Overall I really like the carrycot; my baby (4 months) fitted well in the carrycot and seemed very happy and content even falling asleep within minutes. The carrycot can be used for occasional overnight sleeping too, the rain cover fitted well and was easy to put on giving good protection.

The carrycot is easy to manoeuvre into position and then to drop onto the chassis. To remove the carrycot involves releasing the carrycot from the side arms by pressing in the large buttons, and then pulling the carrycot free of the chassis.

The seat unit
The seat unit has a good sized bucket seat, I would recommend to use it from 6 months plus, I tested the seat unit with an average sized 18 month old and he had good back seat height and room for his legs. The seat unit has four recline positions which is excellent – most typical pushchairs have 3 recline. To recline positions you accessed via the same circular buttons which remove the seat. These need pressing in whilst you nudge the seat around with your other thumb and fingers, or a forearm.

I loved how he could be facing me while out and about so we could communicate with each other, also its easy to turn the unit around so its world facing, the hood could have been slightly bigger as the sun still went in his eyes, the rain cover is easy to put on and kept him nice and dry.

I liked that you could fold the pram with the seat unit still attached, although this has to be world facing. The harness on the seat unit was a little stiff but I don’t mind that as it means the little one couldn’t unbuckle himself.

The high of the seat unit is a nice bonus too which gave good access to the shopping basket.

The car seat
The car seat I wasn’t too impressed with to be honest as I think the baby wedge could have been firmer to allow more support, I didn’t feel the car seat was secure enough once on the frame and did wobble slightly.

Once the support isn’t needed there is ample space for the baby, the straps where easy to adjust and readjust, as was fitting into the car was, easy to follow instructions and felt safe enough once all clipped in. The weight of the car seat is of standard weigh for most car seats I’ve held in the past, not too heavy.

The rain cover for the car seat didn’t go on properly and raised at the sides, although served its purpose of keeping baby dry I with it fitted better.


Out and about
I found that the front wheel stuck sometimes when turning a corner, getting up and down the kerb also felt like hard work sometimes as it often lent to the side, but I’m assuming this is what happens with all 3 wheelers. Traveling on flat surface was smooth and enjoyable to push, with rubber wheels I wasn’t worried about punctures that’s that a bonus.

When using on rough ground it felt unyielding at times, especially with an 18 month in the seat unit it was hard to push.

When using public transport I felt the travel system took up a lot of space as I couldn’t turn it so another pram could get on, the handle bars do fold down so that did give a little more space.

When folded it does take up a lot of space, if using the carrycot or car seat these have to be removed before collapsing the system.

Extras-changing bag-apron/footmuff
The changing bag in was great with loads of compartments for all baby’s bits and bobs, lots of space for my nappies especially as I cloth nappy, hangs nicely on the handles without slipping down, matches the whole pram lovely.

The footmuff is a very welcomed extra as not all prams come with one, I like my prams to have matching accessories and this finished the whole system off, its lovely and soft, reversible.

There are also toy loops in the sun canopy of the carrycot, which allow you to hang dangly toys to amuse your baby while you are out and about. So this was a very appealing choice.

4 year guarantee
I love that Cosatto have offered this as for most parents, a buggy is one of their biggest expenses when having a baby so this is a great addition to any buggy package and gives excellent peace of mind.

The travel system is worth the price tag especially with all the added extras you receive, it grows with your child which I love.

I would recommend this travel system.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £470

Available to buy from Cosatto in several colour options here.

4 Star

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