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Clean Living Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator Set Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Do you have a sporty Dad, one that likes cycling, running or just lives in trainers? Are you looking for a Father’s Day gift that’s both useful and Eco-friendly? Well look no further than Clean Living’s award-winning range of products. Clean Living has a large range of Eco-friendly cleaning products all of which reduce waste and use less chemicals than the standard more well known brands. Using live, friendly microbes to break down dirt, remove nasty odours and help prevent dangerous mould, bacteria and viruses multiplying, you can see why they have won multiple awards in 2022 & 2023, including Eco Lifestyle Winner in the Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Founded in the UK in 2018 and with their products still made in Britain, the Clean Living range is an innovative way to clean a greener way, so I was pleased to be able to try out a starter kit for myself. I received the Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator Kit, which was super useful as we are a sporty family, so have plenty of sports kit to try it out on. Arriving in the post in a plain brown, flat, cardboard box, I was surprised to feel how light it was & was worried that the cleaner may have leaked out on route, but no, it was light as there isn’t any liquid to leak, the cleaner itself is made up home.

The kit I received contained 1 x 300ml reusable aluminium container, 1 x Living Areas Microfibre Cloth & 1 x 30ml Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator concentrate sachet. The aluminium container, as you would expect, weighs practically nothing empty, and is slimline so easy to store in your cupboard. It has a screw on trigger spray lid that you can turn to on or off to prevent leakage. The instructions are on the rear of the bottle and on the sachet and are really simple, pour all 30ml of the Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator concentrate into the empty spray bottle, top up with water to where the bottle neck begins to curve & shake well. It’s that easy, your odour eliminator is now ready to spray on.

We are all avid equestrians in our household and one item that really does start to smell over time is your riding hat. I found a thorough blast with the Clean Living spray soon removed all the odour, so then tried it on my son’s disgusting trainers. The spray does have a slight smell of its own, a light florally fragrance, but it doesn’t mask one smell with another, it actually neutralises it. Being a water based spray, you do have to leave your kit to dry for a while afterwards, depending on how much spray you have used, but I found it dries pretty quickly.

The starter kit is great value for money at £12.40, as the aluminium bottle will last years, reducing your household waste from all those plastic cleaning bottles in the meantime & the reusable microfibre cloth can be used time & time again. The Biological Sports Equipment Odour Eliminator concentrate 30ml sachets are a great price too, at just £2.30 each, reduced to £2.07 if you purchase via a monthly subscription.

So, help to keep your dad’s sports clothing, shoes & equipment fresh and free from bad odours such as perspiration with this fantastic starter kit by Clean Living whilst you feel good about its Eco credentials. It is a brilliant addition to the gym bag or utility room and a great gift for any type of sports lover.
Rating: 4.5/5
RRP £12.40
This product can be purchased here: https://www.cleanlivingint.com/products/biological-sports-odour-eliminator-starter-kit

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