Wicked Uncle

Finding the Perfect Toy with Wicked Uncle

Christmas is over so all the toy present buying is over, isn’t it? We have lots of toys in our house, but as...
Phlat Ball Woosh

Phlat Ball Woosh Review

Reviewed by Joy Wright Throw a disc, catch a ball! That’s the Phlat Ball motto. Or in this case,...
Wooden Vet Set

Alex and Alexa Stoy Wooden Vet Set Review

Reviewed by Julie Powell We were very lucky to receive the wonderful Stoy Wooden Vet Set from Alex and Alexa...
Super Wubble Bubble Ball

Super Wubble Bubble Ball Review

Reviewed by Louise Higgs I was really happy to receive the Super Wubble Bubble Ball to review.
Jemima Puddle-Duck

Jemima Puddle-Duck Medium Soft Toy Review

Reviewed by Hayley McLaren  I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review the Jemima Puddle-Duck medium soft toy...

okiDOUGHki Dinosaur Kit for Sensory Play Review

Reviewed by Hannah Chan I was really excited to open this package and so were the children, (aged 4, 7...
Play Dough

Kid’s Dough Spin Pastry Machine Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton Play Dough is one of those things that we think of as being for younger kids...
Crea Bella Beads

Crea Bella Creative Beads from AlexAndAlexa Review

Reviewed by Louise Totton Unless you’ve been lucky enough to have spent some of the early part of 2020...
Boom Blaster

Little Tikes Mighty Blasters Boom Blaster and Power Pack Review

Reviewed by Lauren O’Hara My house is gun mad. With two little boys aged five and two and a half...
The Gruffalo Game Box

The Gruffalo 4 in 1 Game Box Review

Reviewed by Amy Adeliyi  My daughter absolutely loves The Gruffalo story by Julia Donaldson and knows it off by...