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BLOCKA Dice Game Review


Reviewed by Alice Dixon

Christmas is only a matter of days away and if you are anything like me you are now having a last minute panic trying to buy those last couple of presents for those hard to shop for people.  Even when I start early and try to be prepared I end up with one or two people that I struggle to buy for.

If you are still shopping around, especially for someone who enjoys games or gaming then Blocka Dice game could be a fantastic idea.

Blocka Dice game is exactly as it sounds – a board game featuring blocks and dice.  There are two versions available. The 4 player set which is for 2 to 4 players and the 6 player set, for 2 to 6 players.

I opted to try out the 4 player set as we are a family of 4 and usually it’s just us for our family game nights.

Blocka arrived in a small cardboard box.  A very colourful, block patterned box with the game name on the front. Blocka is a new game which is currently available to buy through Ebay, rather than being a mass produced game.  So, from first impressions the game does look rather amateurish.  The packaging inside looks to have been home printed and cut wonkily in places before being stuck together.

We went straight into playing the game, referring back to the rule book as needed as we progressed through the game.  Everyone begins by choosing a colour and taking the corresponding blocks and dice.  The idea of Blocka is to build a wall going from one block high up to five blocks high.  This is accomplished by rolling the dice and building blocks based on the number rolled.  But, once your wall is built the game is not quite over.  Next, the deconstruction phase begins in which players need to gradually remove the steps of their wall.  The final part of the game involves rolling the Blocka dice 3 times without rolling a ‘B’ whilst the other players chant “BLOCKA BLOCKA BLOCKA”, to finally be the champion.  A special Blocka dice is also rolled throughout the game which can also affect what happens for example stopping you from building or having to build a level back up.

At first glance we thought the instructions were complicated as they seemed lengthy but the game is actually very simple.  And very fun.  We quickly got immersed and ended up playing a few times in a row.  There is a very handy tutorial video online which can be watched instead to learn how to play.

The game retails at £12.50 which I think is a good price and reflects the quality of the game.  Compared to other games available it isn’t very high quality and it’s not overly impressive to look at.  However, it is unique and so likely to delight people who love gaming and are looking for something different.  It would definitely make a fantastic and unexpected Christmas present.

Rating: 3/5

RRP: £12.50

This product can be purchased from Ebay here

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