Beauty and the Beast Sing-A-Long-A at St Helens Theatre Royal Review

19 May 2018


Reviewed by Kathryn Harrison

On Saturday afternoon I took my very excited five year old daughter to St Helens Theatre Royal to watch Sing-A-Long-A Beauty and the Beast. I had heard about Sing-A-Long-A shows but have never been to one so I was interested to see what it was like. Upon entering the theatre we were both given a goody bag, we couldn’t wait to get to our seats and discover the contents. Inside we found a clapper toy, a candle shaped glow stick, a party popper and a tissue, it was all very intriguing!

The lights dimmed and onto the stage came our presenter for the film. Immediately he connected with the audience making everyone laugh. The presenter took us through all the props in the goody bag explaining when and what each one was to be used for as well as teaching us all the sound effects we should make at various points during the film, he was so charismatic that the whole audience got into the spirit of it and joined in. Before the film began there was a small costume competition, all the children who were dressed up got to stand in their seats to give us a twirl before the presenter welcomed all the adults in costume up onto the stage for the audience to choose a winner.

Now it was time for the film to begin, the words to  all the songs were shown along the bottom of the screen so you really could sing a long. All of the audience joined in with the actions and sounds we had been shown before the film began and there were even a few surprises during the film such as snow, inside!

My little girl really enjoyed this show as did I, it was lots of fun for both children and adults alike. As soon as we left the theatre my daughter asked could we go again so when we got home I had a look on to see if it was showing again. I was pleased to find that in addition to Beauty and the Beast there is also Sing-A-Long-A versions of many fantastic films. I know my daughter would love to watch the Frozen Sing-A-Long-A and I quite fancy the Dirty Dancing and Grease shows so we will definitely be keeping an eye out for when they are showing near us.

Rating: 5/5

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