Barrioke at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

Barrioke at The Waterside Theatre on a Saturday night, what more could you want for your weekend! The Waterside Theatre is one of my favourites, easy to get to, lots of parking and a public house just across the road if you arrive in time for some food before a show.

I do confess to thinking the day before the show, what have I signed up for. Barrioke after a little research is none other than Shaun Williamson, of amongst other things, Eastenders fame, yes the BARRY! And yes as the name of the show suggests, it’s karioke with a celebrity twist. I have never been to an event at The Waterside where it is standing only, it was amazing, completely transformed the space, and you felt like you were in an upmarket night club. There was a bar inside the room, but the main bar also stayed open all night.

The DJ warmed up the crowd with some good tunes and everyone was encouraged to submit their song choices. There was a real feel good vibe, people of all ages to, clearly all out to enjoy their Saturday night and small moment up on the stage.

Barry himself burst onto the stage in a sparkling gold blazer, he sure can sing, and was a cheesy as anything, blasting out show me the way to Amarillo. Fab start. I do say a lot, nothing beats live music or a show, we under estimate how much fun we might have and should try new acts. I haven’t laughed and sung so much on a night out for ages. Fair play to those who got up on stage and belted out their chosen song, in the main most of the people could actually sing. Shaun joined in with them, some more than others. I think the job of the night was the lovely assistant who was more bouncer on stage, removing the over enthusiastic singers from the stage or from taking numerous selfies with Shaun.

There were some great song choices, all your karaoke favourites, Mamma Mia and Summer Nights being my top hits, and top song of the night Build me up Buttercup. I think the more drinks I had, the more I thought you know what I could do this, and had visions of me belting out Whitney Houston’s I will always love you, but didn’t quite think Aylesbury was ready for my version of the great hit.

It was a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday evening, starting around 8.30pm the main part of the show with Shaun was over by 10.30, although the music and bar continued. If you fancy a giggle, no judgement on those who think they can sing but can’t, great music then go see Barrioke, you won’t be disappointed. I really did have the best time, laughed lots, danced, sang along with Barry (or is it Shaun) and left feeling on top of the world. I would definitely go again, brilliant night out.

Rating: 5/5
Tickets cost from £22.00 includes booking fee
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