Barbara The Complete Series Review

The Complete Series


Reviewed by Dorothy White

Barbara~ is a British comedy sitcom starring Gwen Taylor as Barbara and Sam Kelly as her husband Ted.

Barbara is the mother of two grown up children who has a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong, this sometimes gets her into difficulties.  Ted is her long suffering husband who has his own share of problems.

Barbara is a receptionist at a doctor’s surgery, and Ted is a taxi driver.  Her son still lives at home, her daughter and son in law visit regularly, as does her sister.  Barbara certainly rules the roost both at home and at work and nobody is immune!!

I find the humour in this series quite subtle.  My favourite bit on disc 1 was when Barbara set her alarm for 3am just so she could telephone the builder and wake him as he had woken her around 6.30am several mornings.  She then came home from work to find her front door bricked up!  Every episode there is something different!

I don’t think a day goes by without Ted having some sort of problem either with his taxi or his belongings.

You share the daily happenings in the lives of Barbara’s family, and Barbara is often at the centre of any problems. 

If you want a trip down memory lane this is a fantastic series to watch.  There is so much humour in every episode.  I enjoyed the series the first time around and it is great to be able watch it again.  I love it. I love the comedy, wondering what Barbara will say or do next, or what is going to happen to Ted!

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