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Backgammon Set From Boutique Gifts Review


Reviewed by Amanda Dando

We like many families over the past few years, we have tried to organise a few games and or quiz nights to play amongst all the family members and friends. Which is why we started looking for a backgammon set to use both at home and away. After looking at different sets over a period of time and wanting the perfect set, we finally decided on this set. We were very happy when it arrived, as it was well packaged and arrived promptly. We received this backgammon set in a very nice, sturdy and compact case it’s approx 15 inches long, 4 x 4 inches square with two fixing straps and a handle to carry it by. Inside the case, one side holds the two sets of 15 counters, one set red, the other white and two sets of dice and a doubling dice, which can only mean one thing, no fighting over having to share !!! Argument no.1 resolved. The board comes rolled up and is held in place by two internal straps on the other side of the case, it unfolds nicely, which means the game can be set up really quickly and started within minutes, so argument no.2 resolved. The board in this set is made from a leathery type of material, which would allow it to be rubbed down should any liquid or food substance be spilt upon it, without spoiling the surface, perfect for everyday and holiday use. Because of its size and ease of use it’ll be the ideal addition to the rest of the holiday games and I’m sure it will be the first to come out and played.

The game of backgammon is for every one to enjoy and play, yes there’s some strategy to getting your counters from the starting position to the end / off the board but it’s a lot more to do with luck with the roll of the dice. Which means there’s no real limit to the age of the players, grandparents can play grandchildren, mums versus dads, as long as there’s no cheating that is, you guessed it argument no.3. That said I do tend to play without reading all of the rules. I’ve also found it’s good to help with simple maths and problem solving, while moving the counters around the board. I would also suggest taking a picture of the final set up until you get used to how the counters are laid out on the board to aid a quick start and stop any cheating, I refer you to argument no 3 again.

It’s hard to understand that with backgammon being one of the oldest board games around, where the rules of the game are easy to follow that so many people haven’t played the game. I would suggest you get yourself this set and start enjoying the game. After all when you get better at playing the simple way, you can step up and play either the Dutch Backgammon or Acey Deucey way of playing.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £39.99

This product can be purchased from Boutique Gifts here

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