Back to School with My Nametags Review


Reviewed by Louise Totton

When we spend the fortune that we do on school uniform and equipment, it is at the very least annoying, and at worst a bit of a disaster if it goes missing. I have never successfully found any lost items in the school lost property box, it is only the properly labelled items that seem to make their way back to my kids coat pegs, and the ones with labels that have faded are lost forever.

I have never got on with iron-on labels – I hate ironing at the best of times and I don’t think I have ever got these to successfully adhere for any significant amount of time. Sew-in labels are a pain, the evenings of sat stitching them in are tedious and I can never get them in as neatly or securely as my mum could! So I was more than willing to try out some stick-on nametags from My Nametags.

My Nametags offers you the opportunity to order either stick-on or iron-on nametags, and to fully personalise them via the ordering system on their website. I opted for the stick-on ones as I wanted ease and have had less than satisfactory experiences with (other) iron-on nametags. The stick-on ones are sold in sheets of 56, and cost from £11.95. There are almost countless combinations on the website, including licensed Hello Kitty sets, plain black and white labels and the customisable, designed ones. We decided to try out the latter, so the kids could have a go at designing their own.

There online system is fantastically easy to use, and all design changes reflect on the screen as soon as you select them, so you really can have a play about to see what you think looks best. You can add a little icon to the side of your stickers, as well as changing the background colour and design, the font style and the font colour. In the end, my youngest daughter plumped for a pink unicorn inspired tag with a starburst pink background and her name in purple, whereas my eldest chose a horse themed tag with an aqua background and teal text.

The nametags arrived through the letterbox within 36 hours of ordering, and were presented in a lovely teddy-themed folio with a clear window so we could see what we had ordered. Both sets looked exactly as they had on the website, so both me and the kids were more than happy with our choices.

These stickers can be used for more than just clothes – they are ideal for lunchboxes, pencil cases, PE Kit bags and even shoes! Of course, most people will use them for the main items of their kids’ uniform, which is exactly what we had in mind for them. They are not applied directly to the clothes, instead you stick them onto the fabric care label inside the clothes. This is worth bearing in mind if your kids can’t tolerate labels and you have to cut them out! It was fine for us though, and I have managed to get their whole school wardrobe fully and clearly labelled in less than ten minutes – which is probably the time it would take to stitch in a single sew-in label, or to get the iron and ironing board set up to iron labels in!

I have washed and tumbled a couple of their items five or six times since I affixed the labels and am pleased to report that they show no signs of peeling, fading or coming away. The kids really like them too, because they have been able to design their own, so have been happily labelling their pencil cases and best writing pens with them too. If your kids are a bit sticker-happy, My Nametags also make ministickers, which have 175 stickers on a sheet, and are ideal for labelling pens, pencils, calculators and all of the little incidental items that can get lost at school.

We are delighted with these and I have every confidence that they will last for a considerable amount of time. Because each set has 56 stickers, we have been left with plenty of spares, so even if some do peel off, they can easily be replaced.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: from £11.95

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