Angelcare 2 in 1 Baby Bath, Happy Seal Baby Bath And Room Thermometer And Pabobo Aqua Dream Projector Review


Reviewed by Michelle M

Angel care 2 in 1 baby bath 0-12mths

This is the third baby bath I have tried in my sons seven months of life and it is by far my favourite.  The bath came in a large box, which I will be utilising as a moving box when I move house, with no plastic wrapping or extra packaging around the bath itself, a refreshingly environmentally friendly option.  The bath is made from durable lightweight plastic designed to be quick drying and hygienic.  It is thinner, lighter and less clunky than some other baths and thus fits in my narrower than standard main bath and is ideal for bringing to grandmas when we go for a visit.  I really like the Angelcare soft touch and non slip material which warms up quickly providing maximum comfort and support.  It’s anti slip feet make it particularly suitable for use in a normal sized bath using less water than would be needed to just use the main bath, or in a shower base.  It is also suitable to use as a stand alone bath on the floor in the bathroom or elsewhere in the house.  When not in use it tucks nicely down between my bathroom sink and the wall so I’m not tripping over it repeatedly.

The bath is ergonomically designed with a positioning bump to help get baby in the most comfortable position and assist in holding baby securely.  From new born to having the ability to sit unaided baby can lay back reclined on the slope and the bump ensures he doesn’t slide down too low.  The positioning bump is not as large as it is in some other baby baths and this means that once baby can sit unaided this bath is still suitable to use right up to a maximum weight of 26lb or 11.8kg, usually around 12 months of age.  My son is not quite sitting unaided but likes to try doing so in the bath, this made his previous bath unsuitable once we got past the new born stage as the bump was a different shape and higher and just got in his way.  I was finding bath times difficult as a result but this Angelcare bath has solved that problem for me making bath times fun again.  Sometimes my son sits and uses the bump to lean on with one hand so he can splash with the other, and sometimes he lays back so he can splash with both hands and his feet.  The first time we used this bath was the first time he really enjoyed his bath and had fun splashing.

The max fill level marked on it which makes it very easy to tell when there is enough water in the bath and ensures minimal water is used.  I think this is great as I hate to use too much water especially when the water companies have called drought conditions.  There is enough water ay this level to splash in and to cover enough baby so he doesn’t get too cold too quickly.  There is no plug or drain to let the water out however the bath with water in to the fill level indicated is light enough to easily turn it over and tip the water out.  Naturally the information sheet comes with warnings not to leave your baby unattended and to always remain in contact with baby to prevent drowning, along with warnings and advice on how to prevent scalding.  There is no need to use any cleaning products on the bath, it is easy to clean with warm soapy water and rinse well after use.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £35 -£40

Available to buy from Argos, Very, Amazon or other baby stores

Angelcare Happy Seal Baby Bath and Room Thermometer

The bath instructions suggest as bath thermometer should always be used to ensure optimum water temperature for baby. We were sent the happy seal room and bath thermometer with the bath. This is a cute seal shape that can stand up to use as a room thermometer or floats in the water to test the bath temperature. It comes working with battery already installed. In order to save the battery it takes a gentle shake to turn it on. I first tested it by comparing the temperature it said my living room was with the temperature my thermostat stated finding it agreed exactly. A quick shake to turn it on and I dropped it into the bath. As I’d just turned the water on the thermometer showed the word “cold” alongside the temperature. As the water warmed up and got too hot it started a little red light flashing. By the time I’d stripped baby and was ready to pop him in the bath the thermometer was showing me the water temperature was right. This isn’t the first bath thermometer I have tried but it is the first one I actually trust. Previously I’ve had a thermometer that once the “hot” warning came on it didn’t fade away until a good few minutes after the thermometer was out of the bath, one that just didn’t register anything but “cold” and one that I couldn’t get to work at all. Finally having one that adjusts its warnings according to the temperature as it changes and that I can therefore trust as I am using it is a relief. It doubling up as a room thermometer too is a bonus and makes it a little more environmentally friendly than buying two separate thermometers for each function. It’s easy to move from bathroom to elsewhere when it’s not in use for a bath.

This item can be purchased from Mamas and Papas, Amazon or other online stores.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £15-£20

Pabobo Aqua Dream Whale Projector

This underwater effects projector has a lovely soft toy whale body which the projector sits in. It plays an underwater scene with fish and waves on the ceiling and walls. The light intensity can be set to three levels and you can have white noise sounds or lullabies playing at a choice of four volume levels.

The projector needs three AA batteries which are not included. The battery compartment closes with a screw which is useful to stop a little one gaining access to potential danger. Once I found my screwdrivers it was easy to put the batteries in correctly and we had a working projector. It is necessary to make sure that the elastic is properly inserted into the rim on the projector as this will help to prevent it falling out when you, or a little one, pick it up.

The first few times we used it we struggled to see the lights on the wall, simply because it wasn’t dark enough outside. My son then decided he was going to go to bed later or wake up after an evening nap instead of sleeping through from bedtime so we got to test it in proper dark. He has always liked lights, and actively seeks them out everywhere so I wasn’t surprised when he preferred to look at the projector unit itself rather than at the wall or ceiling initially. Once he accidentally caught sight of the waves and fish moving over the wall he was fascinated. The ability to change the brightness level means that, while he is still in my room and still sometimes wakes during the night, if I turn it on after I’m in bed the lights and the projection on the wall don’t bother me too much. You can play the projections without having to play sounds at the same time.

There are two different lullabies that can play, pressing the music button once for the first and twice for the second. Pressing the button three times turns the lullabies off. You can also play three sounds, namely waves, white noise and a heartbeat. Again you press the sound button once, twice or three times to choose which sound you want. It is possible to pLay a lullaby or one of the sounds without also having the projections playing however it is not possible to have a lullaby and a sound playing together, choosing a new one will cancel the other if it’s already playing.

The projections run for twenty five minutes and then turn off automatically. Whichever you choose the sounds switch off automatically after fifteen minutes. I love the fact that everything switches off automatically as I can forget to turn it off, or restart it following a middle of the night wake up, and not drain the batteries more than needed as a result. The multiple volume level for the sounds or music allows me to set it to a level that doesn’t bother me, even in the middle of the night. The heartbeat and waves do actually sound like a heartbeat and waves, on other sleep aid toys I’ve found the sounds didn’t sound like what they were meant to be, they were just noise.

I am really happy with this projector, my son likes the music and the sounds and is happy to lay in bed watching either the lights on the module itself or the waves and fish on the walls around him. As it’s not attached to his crib he doesn’t try to reach it or play with it but when he is a little older I think it will be a nice comfort that he can turn on himself should he wake during the night. It is definitely the favourite sleep aid in the house now. The whale plush toy which holds the projector is washable, which is a very useful feature given that this will most likely be used through toddlerhood and thus will need cleaning. There is a two year guarantee with the product.

This can be purchased from John Lewis, Matalan or other baby stores.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £45.99

Rating: 5/5

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