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Aldi Fishing Specialbuys Review

Reviewed by Laura Banks

I was lucky to be sent some samples from the Aldi fishing range and having a husband who could quite happily fish 24 hours a day you can imagine his delight to help me try it out. The selection I received was very well packaged and had a very professional look about it so a very impressive start. I will let you know if anything was actually caught.

FishingShelterThe Crane Fishing Shelter/Bivvy (£19.99) was our first thing to get to grips with it came with a groundsheet and carry bag and had three poles, there was also pegs to keep the groundsheet in place. It was very easy to put together which was a good thing as there wasn’t any instructions so possibly for a novice maybe a struggle. Once up, it was very sturdy with the weather not being so great at the moment it provided really great protection from the wind and rain. My 12 year old son also thought it was great and asked if we could put it in the garden so he could spend the night in it.

FladdenRodThe Fladen Beachcaster Carp Rod and Reel Combo (£19.99) is fantastic value for money, you are basically ready to go it as it is pre-spooled with a 15lb line. The rod is ideal for sea fishing and the packaging has tips about handling the reel, casting and changing the line and also information for their website where you can upload a picture of your catch and maybe have a chance to win the monthly prize. The rod comes in 3 parts which you just attach together, put the line through the eyes, sort out your bait and you are away a brilliant rod for someone who is a novice or been fishing for years.

FishingGlovesThe Crane Neoprene Fishing Gloves (£4.99) come in 2 sizes; S/M and L/XL. I was given the L/XL size which fitted me perfectly but were too small for my husband so not quite sure about the sizing for these. They are made of waterproof fabric and had a slip resistant textured palm, I loved the fact that the thumb and forefinger split back which does make it a lot easier when you’re tying your line, putting bait on your rod or any other fidgety jobs. It was pointed out to me by my husband that being a hardened fisherman he’s not quite sure if he would actually wear them if he took them fishing, me personally I would.

FladenFishingAccessoryThe Fladen Carp Accessories Fishing Set (£4.99) is a great little set up, it contains some great items for catching various species of carp being it mirror to grass.  It contains rig tubing, hair rigs in 3 different sizes, ledger weight to name a few but the best I have always thought is brilliant is the fake sweetcorn, I’m not sure why but always makes me chuckle. I think it’s a great idea having all this in a set as I have spent many hours in the fishing shop whilst the hubby picks out all the different bits he needs. I would highly recommend this.

FladenBairAccessoryThe Fladen PVA Bag and String Set (£2.99), I have to admit, I wasn’t even quite sure what this was but was informed by my hubby it was like going old school especially with the likes of technology and bait boats. Basically you put your bait in the bag, cast your line out and the bag dissolves and that’s your bait exactly where you want it, what can go wrong apart from getting the bags wet before you need them? I think they are great idea and don’t break the bank price wise.

FladenBuzzBarThe Fladen Buzz Bar Set (£6.99) is designed for use with all bite alarms and butt rests perfect for when you are going away for a few days fishing and obviously don’t want to be constantly watching your rods. They are made of a sturdy plastic and are a lot heavier than they look. They’ve got 2 extendable bank sticks and buzz bars with universal threads. Ideal for big carp or general fishing like eels or tench. To extend the pole it did stick a little bit but I’m sure after a bit of use will be a lot smoother.

All in all I thought these products were great, they were ideal for a beginner just starting out as you had sets with just what you would need, or someone like my husband who has been fishing over 40 years and no he didn’t catch anything, you could have all the tackle in the world but if the fish aren’t biting it’s just not your day.

These are just a few of the Aldi fishing items that go on sale from 2 August 2015. With a range of rods, bags, nets, bait and other fishing accessories there will be something for every fisherman.

Rating: 4/5

The Aldi Fishing Specialbuys will be in Aldi stores nationwide from Sunday 2 August 2015 while stocks last. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit www.aldi.co.uk.

4 Star

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