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Addams Family Mansion Mayhem PS4 Game Download Review


Reviewed by Rebecca Boden

I’m always on the lookout for new Christmas gift ideas, so I was please to be given the opportunity to review the Addams Family Mansion Mayhem PlayStation 4 game. The game came in download format, and I was at first a little hesitant, but with some brief coaching I was able to download the game and get started very quickly. I am always a little dubious about downloading, in case something goes wrong, however the process was swift and easy to complete using a 10-digit code. (editor’s note – the reviewer was given a code to download the game for review purposes)  The download took about 15 minutes, but our internet was in use for other things at the time, but depending on how keen your children are, this may be something that is worth taking into consideration.

Once downloaded, the game is easy to get started with and there is the option of the story mode or mini game. The game is a PEGI 7 years + and I feel this game is probably best suited to children between 7-12 years, although my (young) teen still enjoyed it.

In the mini games, you practice shorter versions of some of the games you encounter during the story mode. Up to 4 players can play simultaneously in either mode taking on the characters of Morticia, Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley. During the story mode you will move through the various levels, working together with fellow players, collecting coins and trying to save the Addams Family Mansion.

During the mini game mode, players compete against each other in short versions of the games which feature within the story mode and play against each other, to be declared the winner.

The whole game is similar in nature to earlier platform games, only the game is designed in 3D and my only criticism would be that the characters are a bit too small in some of the games, having bigger characters would definitely improve the visuals. Although the game is 3D, it is relatively easy to control your character, occasionally though, especially when you are getting used to the game it can be a bit tricky due to the depth perception meaning you can loose your life quite easily, however as lives are limitless this was not too much of a problem for us.

The character avatars are an updated take on the original Addams family characters that work well in the game and the back story of the game takes you through various locations within the Mansion, starting in the kitchen, whereby the characters are in miniature compared to their surroundings. You then move around the house continuing on their adventure.

If like me you are struggling what to buy for the kids or have left it too late to get out to buy something, this game is a great idea, it will keep the kids entertained for hours. There is enough variety within the game to either complete some of the minigames, or if you are planning on having a longer session, using the story mode would be perfect. The convenience of a download was great. It was easy to use, reliable and efficient. The game took about 15 minutes to download, but this was with everyone in the house on the Wifi and I am sure could be quicker. I would consider this as a gift idea or even stocking filler for an older child.

Rating: 4.5/5

RRP: £34.99

This game can be purchased from the PlayStation Online store here.

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