5 top fun and educational days out for kids in Portsmouth

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Any day-out spent with our kids has to be something of a balancing act – between keeping them entertained and keeping them enlightened. Regardless of where you decide to spend your time, it can be quite a challenge – particularly if you’re trying to find a convincing way to get them to pull their faces out of their phones. However, the iconic port city of Portsmouth is a unique and fascinating location that is packed full of potential activities that will stimulate and educate.

Here, we’ll explore just a handful of the best things to do in Portsmouth when you have kids in tow.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard – The historic dockyard is an educational and endlessly entertaining day-out that manages to pull off the impossible – educating your kids whilst they are having fun! As well as exploring several historic fleets and learning what life was like on the waves hundreds of years ago, visitors can also attempt a ninja assault course and discover what it was like to be an actual pirate thanks to the Horrible Histories exhibition. A very modern museum with a very long and impressive history.

Southsea Castle – One of Britain’s most unique castles, Southsea was built as a great fortification for the notorious Henry VIII and is one of the most well-maintained Tudor castles in the UK. If your kids are currently studying the Tudors at school, then this should be a home run.

Charles Dickens Birthplace – The father of modern literature, Charles Dickens is an author whose works have been adapted countless times over the years and his stories are still taught religiously in school across the country today. So, if your kids have even a passing interest in reading and it’s something you want to encourage, then you could do a lot worse than this fascinating look into the life, the influences and the works of Mr. Dickens.

Cumberland House Natural History Museum – Whilst perhaps not as fully-features as the Natural history Museum in London, Cumberland House has bags of character and contains a number of unique attractions – from a massive beehive containing over 9,000 bees to a stunning butterfly house and exhibits on everyone’s favourite extinct beasts – dinosaurs!

The National Royal Navy Museum – With Portsmouth’s enviable naval history to draw from, the Royal Navy Museum explores how the navy helped to shape our modern world through stories of sacrifice, brave and determination. For any children who might be at all interest in pursuing a career in the navy or armed services in the future, it’s certainly an experience that shouldn’t be missed.

Portsmouth is not only a beautiful city with plenty of hidden depths but it’s also incredibly easy to get to. Trains from Brighton to Portsmouth Harbour and from London to the city centre are frequent and affordable and there is plenty of affordable city parking for those who would prefer to travel by car. Or you could always visit by boat!

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