4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Day Memorable


Ask any girl what she thinks will be the happiest day of her life, and a vast percentage will say it is their wedding day. Agreeably, it is easy to see why a wedding day should be a memorable day – after all, it is the day you take a vow of commitment in the presence of close friends and family. Everyone wants their wedding day to be unique, fun, and memorable. However, while you and your partner may be overjoyed and filled with love on that day, you also want your guests to have a good time and a memorable experience. The good news is, you do not need to break the bank to make this happen, you can make your wedding day memorable by paying attention to the little things. Based on the experiences of many brides, we have come up with a list of four ways you can make your wedding day memorable, and some of these tips do not cost an extra dime.

1. Use a Theme

A theme wedding is one way to make a statement with your wedding, and many couples are starting to love this trick. Themed weddings allow couples to get creative about their day in ways that show their style and this can be anything from music to movies to comics.

Executing a theme wedding can be challenging because you will first have to decide on your vision. It also requires a lot of planning, sometimes, a lot more planning and effort than a traditional wedding, and this is because every décor, clothing, and refreshment should have your theme in mind. 

For instance, if a couple decides to have an Alice in Wonderland theme, they may choose to ask their guests to dress up as characters from the story. In contrast, another couple interested in the same theme can decide to have their hall decorated with the theme in mind while guests dress in whatever they like. The planning and execution of an idea differ for each couple. Choosing a theme for your wedding will not only allow you to have fun and get creative, but it also provides an enjoyable and memorable experience for all your guests. Think about it; you are more likely to remember a wedding which required you to dress in a costume.

2. Pay Attention to Your Guests

Except you intend on eloping, your guests are also a special part of your day. They have traveled far and wide to witness you making one of the most important commitments. Therefore, it only fits that you make them feel special and appreciated. When it comes to making your guests feel special, it is all in the little things. Pay attention to small details and, if possible, reflect on all weddings you ever attended. If you had a bad experience, think about what you wish the couple would have done differently; if you had a great experience, think about what was present at this wedding that wasn’t present in the previous weddings.

Analyzing these weddings makes it easier for you to put yourself in the shoes of your guests and come up with exciting ways to make them feel special. A welcome basket for guests who have traveled from far, a well-planned seating arrangement, song requests, screen slide shows, and take-home gifts are examples of things you can incorporate to leave your guests comfortable, excited, and welcomed. Don’t forget to make time to greet your guests and send them ‘thank you’ notes after the wedding.

3. Get a Wedding Planner

The pressure to plan a wedding can be overwhelming and frustrating, but with a wedding planner by your side, it can be an exciting process. A wedding planner is every bride’s fairy godmother. They are people who are well trained and dedicated to handling whatever problem you may encounter. They will fight for your wedding vision in addition to ensuring you stick to your budget. Wedding planners simplify things, they provide the best advice and can hook you up with the best vendors that match your budget. 

Speaking of vendors, these are a very important set of people who can make or break your wedding day, so you must choose them wisely. Most wedding planners have a long list of vendors, and they can save you the trouble of researching and asking people for the best services out there. From a local wedding photographer to the high-end photographers, the wedding planner knows them all, and they know which suits your style best. Ultimately, a planner’s goal is to help you manage the three significant factors for planning a wedding or any event at all: resources, time, and budget.

4. Have an Award-Winning Platter

To many people, a wedding is a time to eat, drink and make merry; therefore, a delicious meal is an undisputed winner for any wedding they attend. Food is an essential part of a wedding that you do not want to compromise. Make sure you have a variety of meals that are palatable to a vast number of people and try not to experiment. If you know a lot of people have not tasted a particular meal, do not serve it however nice you think it is. If you must, make it a side dish, so people have access to other things they are comfortable eating.

Drinks are not left out here. You can choose to have an open bar or a signature cocktail; both will give your guests a unique experience. Signature cocktails are great because they have an intimate touch to them, and if they taste great, be sure people will always remember your wedding. 

Not many events in the world provide a universal feeling of joy and happiness like a wedding. So, it is understandable if you want to make yours outstanding and memorable. Regardless of if you want a traditional wedding or a themed wedding, what matters most is that you and your guests are merry, joyous and having a wonderful time.

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